Game Preview Xbox video game expands on previous Windows 10

Space game Everspace, independent developer Rockfish Games, is scheduled to launch on Xbox One and PC in 2016.

Impatience is part of human nature and often will not let us wait until things are completed. Xbox now wants to help satisfy the craving for PC gamers eager to try titles that have not yet been finalized.

On the occasion of the fair Gamescom 2016 games that started on August 18 in Cologne, Germany, Xbox announced that it will offer guests at your service Game Preview the ability to play not yet completed prior video games on a PC. So far, the program had been limited to users of the Xbox One console.

The first game will be available on Xbox Game Preview for PC will be the title Everspace, a set of an intergalactic battle with a story without an order in sequence. Xbox did not disclose when the title will be available for PC Game Preview.

Subscription service similar to Early-Access Steam for PC, games that users can play for Game Preview incomplete, and can be purchased or free play well. The version will be updated with the progress of developers, however, may never be launched as an official title, warns Xbox. Game Preview also allows players to help developers in the work process.

Xbox added that announce more titles in the future.

Deactivating mixed Hangouts conversations

One of the biggest complaints that occurred when Google offered the integration of instant messages in Hangouts was that they could not mix the talks. That is, if, habalabas with someone in Hangouts chat conversation then passed, text messages, talk was divided into two different spaces. One can, no doubt.

This week Google released an update Hangouts app for Android, where the default settings and conversations are mixed; mixed. However, despite previous complaints, certainly not all, will be happy with the idea of ​​combining their chat conversations and SMS. For, luck, Google included an option to disable this feature.

Deactivating mixed conversations …

In the latest version of Hangouts, open the app and go to Settings;. Touch SMS (which should be just below your Google account).

Then go to the bottom of the screen and there you will find the option, to activate or deactivate the mixed conversations. Choose your preference.

Am I listening to now? guess who is the new face of Sprint …

The actor Paul Marcarelli became famous as the ‘Test Man’ Verizon, but Sprint customer now.

NEW YORK – Remember the famous Verizon Test Man asking ‘Can you hear me now’ ads in the telephone provider? As it is now back on television, only this time wants to convince you to switch to Sprint.

Paul Marcarelli, the actor who became super famous in a series of commercials for Verizon between 2002 and 2011, testing the telephone network and asking again and again Can you hear me now? (Do you hear me now?) Today made its debut as the new spokesman for Sprint, the fourth largest US operator.

I watched with great interest how the operators claim to be the most reliable and the fastest “Marcarelli said in a statement.” But what I discovered is that the ‘better’ than other national operators say about their reliability is really a difference of less one percent. Can anyone will see the difference of less than one percent? “He asked.

By using a Marcarelli, who was key to Verizon Wireless – the largest US operator – Would cement his reputation as “the most reliable network” in a series of commercials in English and Spanish for years, Sprint looking to shake off a reputation for having a lower net. But it is just the latest to stand up to the competition and make customers think of Sprint as a real option strategic move.

“It is an iconic figure and very credible,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint’s chief executive, in an interview, although he acknowledged that Marcarelli was not a client of the telephone when the company approached him to propose the new ads.

The actor Paul Marcarelli for his role with Verizon.

A Sprint spokesman said that, at least in a first stage, the new commercial with Marcarelli be in English, but remember that the actor had starred in several commercials for Verizon in Spanish, including this one and this one.

The first commercial of Sprint with Marcarelli aired on Sunday night in the second game of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. After that it will appear in local and national cable stations and broadcast TV in the US, as well as a digital campaign. Sprint also trigger a social media campaign urging their fans to follow their spokesman on Twitter using the @ThatWirelessGuy account.

Unlike Marcarelli message sent to Verizon, Sprint campaign is not it better operator simply that the margin of difference is so small that it is almost imperceptible. “The superiority of Verizon’s network is not where it used to be,” Claure said. “Why then people should you pay more?” He asked.

It remains to be seen whether the message Marcarelli for Sprint resonate among younger consumers and whether it will replicate the huge success of his last campaign for Verizon.

Down here, the first video of the campaign launched tonight (English)

7 hidden secrets of mail Mail app in iOS

You want to better use the email app on your iPhone? Here are a few suggestions to get more juice to iOS Mail app.

We all fall well get some help managing our mailbox. In Mail, you can delete or file emails with a pass finger from your mailbox. And you can activate both options from Settings.

First, let’s set the button to activate the slide from the left. When you’re in front of the mailbox, you can make a pass to the left on a mailing list to show you three buttons, which by default are more (More), Mark (Flag) and Archive (Archive). To change Archive to Pull (Trash) go to Settings (Settings)> Mail, Contacts, Calendars (Mail, Contacts, Calendars.) Now, choose the account you want to modify, touch Account (Account) in the next screen and select Advanced (Advanced). Move discarded messages to (Move Into Discarded Messages) choose Basurero (Deleted Mailbox).

When you make a pass to the right in an email from the main list of your mailbox you will see a button, which defaults Mark as unread (Mark as Unread). You can change this to Archive or Pull. Go back to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and instead of choosing an account to see below and choose Options slip (Swipe Options). For the option to slide to the right, select Save.

Now, every time you give a pass to the right you will see the Archive button, but if you chose Move message to the archive, swiping to the right you’ll see the Trash button.

When you’re writing an email sometimes you need to refer to another mail in your mailbox. When you’re writing, you can quickly return to the mailbox with a pass down from the top of the window. The draft of your new mail is placed way down while looking the other message, and touch the head again the draft will again expand.

In this way, you can keep open several drafts at once, they will huddle in the same way Safari pages are on top.

If you want to see all your drafts, simply touch and press the button to write in the lower right corner.

With the Mail app for iOS 9 you can add more photos or videos. When you write an email, tap on the body of the message you leave the menu Select / Select All / Paste (Select / Select All / Paste). Tap the right arrow twice and you will get the option to Add attachment (Add Attachment).

When you choose this option will take you to the iCloud Drive page, where you can choose a document you have saved there. Touch Locations (Locations) in the upper left corner to select documents in Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services.

When you receive an email with a PDF or an image attached, you do not have to get out of Mail to annotate or marks on the files. To do this, open the file and tap it. Now, touch the tool button in the lower left corner. This will open a response to email and then open the attached archvio editing tools that allow you to make marks and drawings, expand the view and add text to the document. After adding your notes, tap Done (Done) and sends a reply with all attachment and marking.

Stop using the search bar Mail and start using Siri to find emails faster. Just tell Siri “seeks” or “show me” or “finds” a certain topic mails or any of your contacts. However, I had more luck asking Siri he could find emails with a certain word or phrase that a specific contact. Tell us how you came to you in the comments below.

You can also ask Siri to remind you back to a draft to finish later. When you’re typing a message, tell Siri “Remind me finish it later” or give a specific time, and Siri will add the reminder to the Reminders app.

In the emails containing the date and time of a meeting or an appointment, Mail displays a notification bar up top you can use to add the event to your calendar without salirte app. To me, the function served me well only sometimes, however, as sometimes acknowledged a date, and not others.

So you do not miss emails from your boss or your loved desígnalos as VIP for you to receive email alerts whenever you write. And then you will see all your mails easily in the VIP Mail folder.

To create a VIP contact, go to the view of Mailboxes (Mailboxes), touch the folder VIP with blue starlet (if you do not see a VIP folder, tap Edit [Edit] in the upper right corner to add). Now, tap Add VIP (Add VIP) and choose a contact.

Touch VIP Alerts (VIP Alerts) and choose the type of notification you want to receive every time you get a message from that person.

Getting Started Snapchat Discover

On Tuesday, Snapchat announced a new service called Discover (Discover). The service offers video content from various news sites like CNN, Vice News and ESPN. The content changes every 24 hours with new notes, videos and photos. Discover Snapchat wants to turn the place where you can put up with the news, listen to the latest music or take a cooking class with the best professional chefs.

When you upgrade to the new version of Snapchat on your iOS or Android device you find Discover.

Getting Started Snapchat Discover

To access this new feature, make a pass to the left on the main screen where normally you will see stories posted by your friends. In the upper right corner you will see a new button that opens cicular screen Discover. I have not had much luck when I make a pass to the left again from the screen of stories, because sometimes it reopens Discover page and in others, nothing happens.

Currently, a grid 12 content providers appears on the main screen of Discover. If you touch any of the icons that source channel opens.

Each channel offers a mix of articles and videos. When you first open the channel, you get the typical message Snapchat: It is very short, enough to get an idea of ​​what will note. If you make a pass up on the previous you can read the full article, or watch the video.

From what I see, the videos are of different lengths, from one minute to 15, depending on the source and the subject.

If you make a pass down at any time in an article or video, you will return to the list from that channel, and another pass more will return to the main screen of Discover.

For more guides like this, you come to visit our site “50 ‘How-To’ this site”.

Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 camera to US $ 319

The cameras of smartphones have evolved surprisingly, but there is nothing like having your hands on a real camera, a solid camera, fledged, that allows you to take pictures of exceeding the quality of your cell.

The Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Sony is one of those cameras, although in mini size, and thanks this offer eBay, not very expensive: US $ 319, US $ 650 recessed. The model on offer is new and the price includes shipping.

The Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 will be mini, measuring just 10.2 x 6.1 x 3.6 cm (4 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches) and weighs 241 grams (8.5 ounces), but is very sophisticated. Has a sensitivity range of ISO100 – ISO25,600, lens 28-100 mm, 2.5 fps continuous shutter (10 fps c / fixed exposure), autofocus with 25 options, good JPEG processing and noise reduction. And it is beautiful.

experts described it as a good expensive camera, but it takes good pictures, and called it one of the best compact cameras on the market. He has been on offer before, but this is definitely the best price we’ve seen.

Offers mentioned in this note apply only to US and they are subject to availability, expiration, and other terms of stores and suppliers.

Beaming PlayStation games on your PC or Mac

It’s happened to everyone. You want to play with your PlayStation 4, but someone else is using the TV. No need to make tantrum or start a fight. Sony has released an update for the PS4 that allows you to stream games directly to your PC or Mac. It is similar to the transmission function of the PlayStation Vita.

The Remote Play, or remote play feature should work with most laptops and desktops. It is compatible with computers running Windows 8.1 or newer versions and OS X Yosemite or newer versions. In addition, your computer should have at least 2GB of RAM, screen resolution of 1,024×768-pixel or higher, and at least one Core i5-520M 2.4GHz processor.

Beaming PlayStation games on …

Sony recommends that for best performance also have to have an internet connection with download speeds and upload documents of at least 12 Mbps. You can check how fast you get here.

This is how the Remote Play is installed on your PC or Mac

Fiat Chrysler believes that Samsung is an ideal partner for future

Samsung could definitely become a partner or acquire a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler.

A few days ago, he was released a rumor that Samsung would be interested in buying a Fiat subsidiary responsible for manufacturing auto parts and things like intelligent lighting, car entertainment and telematics business. However, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that the automotive rather perceives the South Korean manufacturer as a “strategic partner”.

The Chrysler Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne spoke to the news agency Bloomberg about the rumors that Samsung saw as a potential strategic partner, amid growing interest of several buyers take control of the subsidiary of the Italian company.

“We have a very good relationship with Samsung, as well as potential supplier and strategic partner,” said Marchionne to the news agency.

According to the report, Samsung is interested in acquiring part or all of Magneti Marelli, although the current problem would focus on that Fiat would have a higher price at which the South Korean company would be willing to pay.

Negotiations will continue this week when both Fiat Chrysler CEO and Vice President of Samsung, Lee Jae Yong, agree on a meeting of a third company, which both belong to the executive committee. Then it is believed that face to face the two executives could put an end to their differences to make way for an agreement that would benefit the car company that wants to break free of debt and increase its financial reserves by 2019, in order to negotiate with Google making autonomous cars.

Although the purpose of this acquisition is unknown, if one thing is certain it is that Samsung wants to start getting into the world of cars in order to advance their participation, especially considering that Google is ahead and that Apple would be moving with his secret Project Titan of an electric car.

Go Pokémon app is updated Android and iOS

Go Pokémon app updated this Saturday, July 30.

The version 1.1 of iOS and Android 0.31.0 includes several enhancements to the performance of the app, including improvements in the use of device memory. In the first instance, the new version for Apple devices feel faster, for example. Also, the company developing the app, Niantic, has corrected errors that appeared when you topabas and were trying to capture a wild Pokémon – in the previous version, the screen tended to freeze.

In addition, the update now allows you can change the design of your avatar from the screen profile coach – something that you could not before – plus has been adjusted how the damage is calculated for some Pokémon during the battles. The latter means that the pokémons very much power no longer have an advantage over those with less: with the update, the battles have leveled off.

This article was updated at 8:00 p.m. Pacific time on July 31 with more information about the update, incluyeno news that Pokévisión app stopped working.

Also, something that frequent users of the app will notice immediately is that the update has removed the tracks that appeared next to the icon of a nearby Pokémon before catching him. Since its launch, the distance indicator showed that all three tracks were pokémons away. Originally, the tracks should indicate the distance between the player and the pokémon from three to two and then to one when the monster was closer. However, the indicator always showed three and not modified by the distance.

Also, it has been updated and changed the way the details of a Pokémon on the screen are presented, as well as medals achievements or milestones in the game.

Finally, Niantic corrected in the app the way they showed some of the functions of the maps, and correct problems related to the text on the screen.

After the upgrade, many players have complained that an app used to find pokémons, Pokévision, no longer serves, aprentemente affected by changes made Niantic

Go Pokémon is a game that can capture the monsters and creatures of the universe of Pokémon – the best known being called is a yellow Pikachu – within a map that reflects the physical world. The game is augmented reality, which means that when you run into one of the pokémons, the game places within the physical space in front of you using your camera phone. The idea of ​​the game is to capture as many monsters, plus earn points by visiting sites within the map called poképaradas and make your pokémons fight in the pokégimnasios, you can also find on the map. All these activities require the player to scroll through many kilometers.

Go Pokémon has already been downloaded more than 75 million times and has broken records in both app stores.

Univision will broadcast the first season of ‘Narcos’ Netflix open

The first season of ‘Narcos’ reach Univision.

In a promotional agreement announced on Tuesday and both companies have described as “unprecedented”, Univision will broadcast the first season of the original series Netflix Narcos.

In addition, UNIMAS, another property of Univision Communications channels, broadcast the first season Ravens Club, Netflix original series recorded in Mexico that tells the story of a football team.

Both sets of Netflix, explained the companies said in a statement, will be broadcast in these chains before the global release of their second seasons on Netflix, global video streaming platform. “No other company media knows the Hispanic community as Univision, and this partnership promotion reflects our ability to interact and reach our consumers, who are increasingly numerous, through various platforms,” ​​he said in that statement Randy Falco, CEO of Univision Communications Inc. “We are pleased to collaborate with Netflix and use the unique reach of Univision and our deep connection to our audience to present their innovative series to millions of our viewers.”

Narcos has been a global success Netflix and give a sample of the series to each of the Spanish-speaking households in the United States will give the opportunity to more viewers fall in love with this unique narrative, “he said in the same statement Ted Sarandos, director of Netflix content. “the promotion of these original programs on Univision is a great way to get even closer to the Hispanic community and help to discover Netflix”.

The second season Narcos is one of the most anticipated television events and which have sparked more rumors, this year. Among the things we know it is that this season will participate Mexican actor Damian Alcazar and Mexican director Gerardo Naranjo, who directed Miss Bala.

One of the pressing questions that have become fans of the series around the world is when you finally reach the second season to Netflix. According to the joint statement giant Univision and streaming, “the second season Narcos and Ravens Club will be available exclusively on Netflix later this year, in addition to the first seasons already on the platform.”