Using the two-step authentication without a cell

The first time I stayed locked and I could not access my email account, having wisely enabled dual factor authentication, it was when I was in Barcelona. You could access Wi-Fi, but did not have the phone with me. My email account asking me a verification code that, for security reasons, just send me a text message or call me to the cell.

Naturally I panicked because I was in Barcelona for work issues and needed to access my email. But after a few minutes, I calmed down and I started thinking how to find around the need for a phone. I started off dual factor authentication all my accounts (not suggest you do this because the two-step authentication is extremely important for the security of your accounts).

However, I found what I was looking for how to use the dual factor authentication a cell when you do not have to hand

Sign in to your account online Wi-Fi

If you have an account with Verizon, maybe you did not know, but the operator has a universal system similar to iMessage iOS that lets you send and receive text messages from any device messaging – including your PC (even has an app for you can download desktop).

To activate this service, enter your Verizon account and open the M i plan and service menu (My plan & Services). There, choose M ride a message (Send a message).

You will see a home page for messages from Verizon. You accept the terms and conditions and click the C o continue (Continue).

Then, you will see a toolbox where you can send and receive messages. You will only see new messages (not the old that are stored on your device), and iMessages not appear. But you should not have any problem using your phone number in the United States to receive verification code text as the second factor authentication.

AT & T also has a universal messaging service called AT & T Messages that lets you receive and send text messages through

You can use Google Voice

If you can not check your messages online, you need to find another route. Fortunately, there is a fairly easy – that if the account you want to enter is not your Gmail – with which you can use the dual-factor authentication with Google Voice.

Google Voice gives you a phone number US you can use to receive text messages online. Just ask the service you want to use to send you a text message to your Google Voice account, log into your Google Voice account and message text will appear in your list of received.

For obvious reasons, you should use your Google Voice number as your dual-factor authentication for any of your Google accounts because you can not enter without first Google Voice verify your identity – for Google Voice.

Tylt adds heart rate meter and wireless charging to your Pebble

The Pebble smartwatch Time is a small and very durable. It has a good battery life, is waterproof and can measure your steps and your sleep quality by automatically Pebble Health. But it is not very good for deeper measurements of your exercise and physical activity.

Tylt, the manufacturer of equipment for wireless charging and other accessories, has launched an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to change that. It Press called Tylt Vu, is a watch cover that adds wireless charging Qi and has an optical monitor to measure heart rate, all in one package.

Below you can see that the Vu Press will not add much bulk or thickness and its technology is fully contained on that deck. Tylt also sells regular for the Pebble, which you can buy separately bracelets, but the interesting thing is that this is not a band concept.

The Tylt Vu Tap a Pebble Time.

Those who support the campaign in its early stages can lead the Tylt Vu Press for a reasonable price: US $ 39. However, remember that we still have not tried, so do not know for sure how it works. Vu Press Pebble connects to through the new Health API, which means you should send all your data to features supported Pebble Health on the clock.


I confess, makes me very curious.

Changing your passwords one at Dashlane

Every time there is a serious security problem as vulnerability heartbleed I immerse myself in an internal debate over whether it’s worth the effort to change my weak passwords. The debate always ends with this question: What is worse, the risk of being hacked or time you have to devote to change my passwords?

With Dashlane I have no longer calculate the time it would take me change my passwords. Recently he launched a new feature that allows you to change some or all of your passwords with a few clicks. Password Changer call, the new feature is in beta stage, it is available in versions for Macs and PCs Dashlane and will soon reach Dashlane mobile apps, according to a statement.

Changing your passwords in a …

You can register for the waiting list to use Password Changer on the website of Dashlane.

As you reach the feature to your account, you’ll see a boto Password Changer with an orange label that says beta at the top of Dashlane app. This opens a new window where you can choose Dashlane accounts that require a new password, or you can choose the box that says Auto-change password (Change automatic password) at the top to select all listed accounts. Click on the link that says Change password (Change password) and Dashlane change all your passwords.

(For those with doubts, automatic part refers to the fact that Dashlane change your passwords for you instead of making you create passwords manually, rather than Dashlane change your passwords from now on).

To view the new passwords that Dashlane created for you, go back to the page Passwords in Dashlane, hover your mouse over any of your accounts and click on the icon to view the configuration nut. Now, click on the lock icon next to the password field to see your new password. In addition to changing your passwords for you, Password Changer Dashlane also create stronger passwords that you would create for yourself.

In my test, not all my accounts appeared in the window Password Changer. In fact, accounts use the same email where I used to account Dashlane did not appear. According to the developers of Dashlane, “in the Mac version we have a feature that prevents use Password Changer in the account that you use for your ID Dashlane. We did this because if you change this password (intentionally or accidentally) and do not know the password, you could see blocked without receiving our notification, which would avoid that you used Dashlane “.

I’m waiting to tell me why this issue is specific to Macs and I will send the information in the note when I say it. Meanwhile, if you use a Mac consider creating a new email account for use only with Dashlane.

In fact, I recently wrote you this note explains why and how you can install a service to change passwords.

10 shortcuts for frequent users of YouTube


Make your next visit to YouTube a pleasant and efficient journey through the world of the videos by using these key combinations.

10 shortcuts for frequent users …

Press the Tab key to gain control of the video player. Tab lets you browse the various controls on the video player going to play / pause (play / pause), next video (next video), mute (silence), volume (volume) settings (settings), theater mode ( cinema) and full screen (full screen) mode, before going to the elements found below the video player, and add to (add a), share (share) and like (I like).

If you press the space bar or K key, put the video on pause. The K key works no matter where ten find on the page, but you have to have the player selected video by clicking on it or use the Tab key to the spacebar to pause or play a video instead of down the page .

Press the K key to you back 10 seconds into the video or the L key to skip 20 seconds.

To jump 5 seconds, using the letters on the left and right arrows.

The number keys allows you to split the video time 10. Press 1 to skip the video is 10 percent, 9 to skip 90 percent. 5 places you in the middle of the video.

If you press 0 (zero), you can restart the video. On a Windows keyboard, you can also use the Home key (Home).

When you have a video pause, press the period key to advance frame by frame. Press the comma key to move backward frame by frame.

Use the arrow keys up and down to raise and lower volume. The M button mutes the sound.

The F key takes you to a full screen and Esc makes you exit this mode.

Press the C key to activate the subtitles. You can use the arrow keys plus and minus to change the text size.

an Acer Aspire Switch 10 to US $ 229

Who does not want a watch that is also monitor physical activity, a phone that serves to check emails, a tablet with the power of a computer and also bring you coffee in bed in the morning? In other words, who does not want a hybrid? Hybrids are here to stay, but many times end up not wanting to do everything excelling at anything.

Apparently this is not the case with the tablet / laptop Acer Aspire Switch 10 Signature Edition, Microsoft has a US $ 229 with free shipping. Factory price is US $ 349, although you can find in other stores to US $ 299. This Microsoft is offering for a limited time or while supplies last.

According to experts, this hybrid computer 10 inches takes many ideas borrowed from his predecessors, but also adds a few unique touches. While how to position the screen is similar to other hybrids in its class, its magnet system to connect the screen (tablet) keyboard is innovative.

The Acer Aspire Switch 10 comes with Atom processor, 2GB memory, 32GB storage, USB port and a battery that lasts up Microsoft as 6 hours. You can also add more storage via microSD card.

Storage available in this line of hybrids is not to brag, but Microsoft is betting on the cloud, and with the purchase of tablet / computer you are wearing a one-year subscription to Office 365 for free.

Additional offer: Microsoft has other offers laptops and tablets, also for a limited time or while supplies last. The Switch 10 I think one of the best, but would do well to check out the other offerings here.

Offers mentioned in this note apply only to US and they are subject to availability, expiration, and other terms of stores and suppliers.

We explain how to fix an error when downloading apps after setting Family Share

The ability to share content from iTunes and the App Store with your family came from the hand of iOS 8. Now, with a single account, your family can have access to apps, songs, movies and books you have purchased.

Shortly after setting up my account Family Share, being the manager, I noticed a problem when trying to download apps, something my wife also experienced.

How to solve an annoying bug with Family …

We stumbled upon a rather annoying alert that makes no sense, especially since the app in question is free. The alert says: “Unable to re-download this Apple ID option redownload is not available for this Apple ID because it was acquired by another user or app was canceled or refunded.”.

So I gave myself the task of doing what I usually do when I run into a problem: I turn to Twitter to ask if anyone knew how to solve the problem. Luckily someone responded with a solution that worked. Thank @Seekbus!

To get rid of this annoying alert you have to follow these steps

It is a very simple solution to a problem that is rather confusing solution.

Do not forget to share your questions and experiences with us in the comments section.

WatchOS 2 is now available for the Apple Watch

watchOS 2, the first major upgrade for the Apple smart watch is now available for download from Monday 21 September. The discharge has a size of 515MB.

The update includes important changes to applications and watch covers, among other improvements. To update is necessary iPhone and a Wi-Fi stable, because the Apple Watch is not able to do an update from the same device.

To upgrade, go to the Apple Watch application on the iPhone. Within the app: General> Software Update. When choosing the update, the iPhone will look for the new version to start the download, which may be delayed depending on the size. watchOS 2 is to watch the three models – Sport Apple Watch, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

watchOS 2 includes new faces for the Apple Watch, mainly from iconic cities like Hong Kong, New York, London, among others. watchOS 2 also includes a new way to view events on the calendar, by simply turning the thumbwheel, the clock display shows the events chronologically.

The new update will also include a way to put the clock on the nightstand so that the screen dim lights in tune with the alarm time, date and current time. When the alarm sounds in the morning, the side button works to turn it off, and the wheel is to snooze the alarm.

One of the most important improvements in watchOS 2 is that applications run on the clock, and not from the iPhone. This will make applications load much faster and dependence between the clock and the phone is much lower.

Apps can now also use the clock functions as Taptic Engine, lateral crown, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, speaker and microphone. The app Ping, for example, uses the accelerometer to measure the speed of the golf swing. The exercise Strava app uses the heart rate sensor to collect and display data exercise sessions. Another app, Insteon, takes the side crown to control intelligent lights of the house.

Also on Wednesday, Apple released iOS 9 for a large part of their mobile devices.

9 effective ways to protect and fix your cables

How many times have you had to replace cables in your house because fray, to the gnawing your pets or due to accidents? Instead of buying new cables, there are many ways to keep your cables and have them as almost new with these economic items.

These protection tips can be used with most cables that you have at home.

1. Cover the wires with vinyl tubes

However, follow these tips only low voltage wires and cables phone recharge, control cables for video game consoles or headphone wires. It is advisable to get rid of larger wire sizes and thickness are damaged, such as extension cords to prevent electrocutions and fires. And, remember to unplug the cables when trying these tips.

Will your cute cat or dog likes to gnaw on the cables? There is an easy way to protect them. Purchase a roll of vinyl tubing, cut along the cables and covers them.

2. Roll cables spiral tube

If you cut the vinyl tubing along it sounds like a lot of work, you have the option of buying spiral tubes (spiral wrap) to protect your cables. The good thing is coiled tubes that can wrap several cables at once.

If the cover cable is losing your connection, you can fix with a retractable tube. Cut two pieces of shrink tube (shrink wrap tubing) of a length of 1.25 inches. Put some silicone rubber at the point where the cable meets the connectors at each end. Before the glue dries, slide the shrink tube over the wire, covering both ends where the cable meets the connectors. Clean the rubber surplus and reduces the tube to posarlo on a lighter. Be sure not to hold the lighter too close; do not want to melt the cable. If scares you use a lighter, try using a hair dryer so hot.

3. Use shrink tubing to wrap the wires

Some cables are more prone to fraying than others, such as cables to recharge phones or headphone wires. You can prevent fraying with an ink pen. Disarms a retractable ballpoint pen and remove the spring. Extends the spring and wrap around the cable core. The cable adds sufficient protection to prevent the cable fraying.

If it is too late and the damage is done, you can solder wires. Bondic is a plastic welder who can fix a cable in less than a minute. All you have to do is clean the cable, apply to the affected area Bondic and cure plastic LED light that is included in the repair kit.

4. Use pens for fraying and vitar

liquid insulating tapes, as PlastiDip or Porformix, consist of liquid plastic that can be used to repair frayed cables. Just two coats of liquid and allow to dry.

Did you know that Lego dolls have hands the perfect size to hold cables? Just use a tape to stick the Lego doll where you want to use the cable.

My house is almost 100 years and few outlets. Therefore, they extended cables terminate in traffic aisles. A good solution to this problem is to protect the cables with a cable protector as this two-channel or east of Vestil.

5. Solder the wires

If you are good with tools, you can repair most small wires that the above tips can not remedy.

6. Paint a new cable

7. Use muñequitos Lego

8. Do not snared

9. For those who love crafts

9 Ways effective measures to protect and fix …

Updating the BlackBerry software Priv

BlackBerry announced a few weeks ago the launch of the first software update for the BlackBerry Priv.

According to BlackBerry, the update includes the security patch released by Android in December, improved camera performance, better overall performance and greater stability.

Updating the BlackBerry software …

Those who are familiar with the process of updating software on Android already know what to do. But for those who have changed the BlackBerry 10 to Priv, the process is new. Do not worry, do not delay much.

To update your software Priv, follow these steps

Once your device to get the update, you will be prompted to download the file of 463.6 MB touching the download button. You can still use the device or wait to finish downloading, or leave it on that screen. If you want to see how the download process, notes the yellow bar under the blue section with text Priv Update your software to the latest today (Priv update your software with the newest …)

When the download is complete, touch Restart & Install (Restart and Install). A few seconds later, the Priv restarts and installation starts. It is a good idea to connect the phone to the charger while the update is installed.

Go for a walk or find something to distract the duration of the installation. The process took about 45 minutes on my Priv. Your results may be different.

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 2013) analysis

It may be a case of “the more you change something, most like the same.”

The MacBook Air has not received a design change on multiple generations and small update models 13 and 11 inches released in April 2014 does nothing to change that.

Current models of the MacBook Air differs from the 2014 version of the base model features an Intel Core i5 1.4GHz processor, an improvement over the previous 1.3GHz processor. More remarkable is that the MacBook Air 11.6-inch now has a starting price of $ 899 (US $ 999 last year), while the model 13.3-inch reduces its price to US $ 999 (US $ 1.099) in the United States.

We tested the new versions 2014 and found that the performance is a little better. Clearly not worth updating if you have a MacBook Air if you have version last year. Instead, the price reduction is great news, making it a better choice for users looking for a mid-priced laptop.

While the price reduction is good, the lack of a significant improvement in performance and change in design reminds us that it is time the design changes. Balancing these two things, our rating remains and the rest of this analysis of the MacBook Air remains the same version 2013. Both computers, 11 and 13 inches are maintained as good computers, but suffer from not the latter have the latest (touch screen, higher resolution screen) that suddenly may interest you.

As the Air 2013, this model has an Intel Haswell processor and a graphics enhanced Intel HD5000.

Like the Air 2013, this model has a processor generation Haswell also offers improved HD 5000 Intel graphics, which promise an optimized gaming performance compared to HD 4000 graphics last year (which are already an improvement over the previous HD 3000, and so on). Still, it does not compare to having a dedicated GPU, like the Retina Pro 15-inch, but now that some gaming services like Steam and Origin of EA are compatible with Mac, it can be a small step in the expansion of games compatible with OS X.

The 2013 model also added Wi-Fi 802.11ac, a new standard that will soon be incorporated into the wireless router, and the new hardware Apple AirPort Time Capsule AirPort extremey. If you have a 802.11n router, which is much more likely, this may not help you, but it is a good component for future updates. Apple also says that storage in solid state drive laptops Air now is faster, but I think it is a much more significant progress improving basic 11-inch model for US $ 999 to 128 GB of storage on SSD (64 GB of the few that were previously offered for the same price).

It is easy to say that this new version of the MacBook Air 13-inch is a small step, without external physical changes without higher resolution screen or touch, or HDMI port. However, the battery life is very good. That, coupled with a decrease in the price of the basic model (which is US $ 999 now), the MacBook Air 13-inch is still one of the laptops more practical for sale, despite not having the most modern design.

The MacBook Air still has the same external appearance than previous generations, an image that still competes with the newer ultrabooks, although some computers, like the Sony Vaio Pro line are thinner and lighter each time without losing power.

Both the 11-inch version and the 13-inch MacBook Air still have the same thickness ranging from 2.8 mm (0.11 inch) to 17.3 mm (0.68 inches). Although its structure 13 inches more space remains satisfactorily thin.

Like the previous version, the construction of rigid aluminum makes the Air appear strong enough to keep it in a bag and carry it without protective cover, and it is interesting to contrast the uniform aluminum structure with carbon fiber of the Vaio Pro above. Rely more on the Air and its hard cover in a field test consisting of throw inside the luggage.

The keyboard and backlit trackpad are the same as previous models and touch panel is still the standard that serves as a reference to judge all others. Many other notebook manufacturers have adopted clickpad type touch panels, but have not yet found one that resembles this for their multi-touch gestures. The panel remains fixed at the top, allowing the entire panel click and suggest that addresses the preferences menu and activate all functions marked to make it easier to use.

It will be interesting to see how Apple user interfaces are developed with the next update to OS X Mavericks and Windows 8, trying (without extraordinary success) reinvent the concept of work with the operating system of a computer. For now, gestures three and four fingers on the trackpad of the MacBook is still the easiest way to move from one application or window to another, at least for me.

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