Connect Apple Music disappear, but not quite

The Connect tab disappear, but not quite.

The Connect tab will no longer have much relevance and integrated into the To tab in the event you redesign that Apple is preparing for Apple Music service, 9to5Mac reported.

The report specializes in issues Apple site and a reliable record of leaks, he says that Connect has not been using Apple expected for this function, which offers a place where musicians can upload photos or personal videos as well as advances in music, and users interact with comments.

Currently, among the Connect tab My Music and Radio, both the mobile application and the iTunes version. The contents of musicians there appears depends on the artists personally selected users.

Apple for more information. Update the answer.

Not the first time that Apple does not meet their own expectations with a social service immersed in their music platforms. Experts and mature iTunes users easily remember Ping, a small social network within iTunes that allowed users to share their musical tastes with friends. The service went unnoticed and Apple closed in 2012.

In addition to the virtual disappearance of Connect, 9to5Mac says Apple prepares a drastic change for Apple Music, a redesign that will unveil iOS with 10 in June during the WWDC developer event to be held in San Francisco, California.

Apple Music would be translucent and adaptable depending tones illustration of music, using a duotone black and white, but keeping large illustrations. Also, it is speculated that the service will integrate lyrics and interface changes to facilitate the use of the service.

While this assumption is expected redesign, Apple continues over changes to entice new users, in this case, students. Apple Music lowered its price by 50 percent (about US $ 4.99) for students who sign up for the first time. The service has 13 million subscribers.

Google strutting security for user identification in your apps

Google wants its users to feel safe when they walk into web pages and apps from your Android devices. Therefore, the company is encouraging developers to take advantage of security measures offered its identity platform, known in English as Google Identity Platform.

The Google Identity Platform, announced Thursday during the first day of the conference for developers Google I / O, is a collection of specific programs and tools for developers to add security features such as password management, access to different apps and pages based on a single registration and identity authentication.

Google has been working to improve security on their web and mobile apps. Last year, the company began to change its ranking in search algorithms to encourage more websites to use encrypted security connections. That same year, implemented encryption at all Gmail messages, ensuring that if someone intercepts an email in transit only thing you will see is visual noise.

Developers can now use the Smart Lock password manager for Google to save and receive the credentials of their customers, and may use that information to give them access to their Android apps and websites they visit through the Chrome browser.

Users can save your password on a device and Smart Lock can fill out the information on your other devices. A handful of companies are testing the new Smart Lock software, according to Google. Netflix, for example, is using it to keep their registered couple can still view content even if they change device users. Other companies are testing include Eventbrite, Orbitz, Instacart and The New York Times.

The new tool called Google Sign-In makes it easier for developers to connect their apps or web pages securely to Google accounts of its users, according to the company. For example, users can use their Gmail accounts, Google Play or Google+ to access your account from The New York Times.

And the Google Identity Toolkit provides “a package authentication” to allow developers to “make records and access the right way.” However, no specific Google what you mean with “the right way”.

Twitter wants to launch an app for the Apple TV

Twitter wants to increase its number of users and one way to do this would be through an alliance with Apple and launch the Twitter app for the Apple TV.

According to The New York Times, the microblogging social network wants to launch its application in the Apple TV to boost the number of users viewing the transmissions of live matches of the football league in the United States, this thanks to an existing alliance between Twitter and the NFL.

The Times says the launch of a Twitter app for the Apple TV to millions of users “potential” that can follow the transmissions of events results.

Apple and Twitter did not comment on daily.

Currently, Twitter has the rights to broadcast some league matches NFL as an alliance that was announced in April and that supposedly would be worth US $ 10 million. According to reports, Amazon, Facebook and Verizon also be sought rights for transmission.

The Times report does not elaborate on why Twitter would be in talks with Apple to develop the application, because to create an application for the Apple TV is not necessary to involve Apple. Apple TV users can view information about the NFL with the official app of the league, although it is not possible to stream the games live.

In addition to the NFL, Twitter has made alliances to broadcast sporting events and other television content in the United States. The Times list alliances with Wimbledon, News, NBA, MLB, NHL and Pac-12 Networks. The first NFL game airing on Twitter is 15 September.

Facebook will force you to see ads on your Web version

Much of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising.

If you use an ad blocker on the Web, from now on Facebook you put it more difficult when you try to avoid seeing your ads.

The social networking giant announced Tuesday that it will update preferences and adjust how your users 1.700 million get to see ads. Facebook users can eliminate the type of ad you do not want to see and also the business of which already receive information. The goal, according to vice president of advertising platform Andrew Bosworth, is to continue providing more personalized advertising.

As for the ad blocking, Bosworth said that Facebook can provide a free service through advertising and can only fulfill its mission if users see ads for advertising agencies pay.

To bypass blockages advertising by third-party software, Facebook redesigned the format of the ads on your platform will result in appearing on the Web version of Facebook, they appear even when users blocked, according to Bosworth.

Facebook is extremely important for users to see your ads, since the US $ 6.436 billion in revenue that won the second fiscal quarter were US $ 6.239 million ad revenue.

George Takei invites you to fly in zero gravity, paying US $ 6.500

This is perhaps the best opportunity you have to go into space with one of the members of Star Trek. Just spend US $ 6.500.

Want to explore strange new worlds? Going where few have gone? Your best chance of achieving this is to take the college savings of your children and go to Las Vegas on Aug. 4. That’s when Star Trek star George Takei, who played Sulu Lt. Hikaru in the original series, will join 20 fans to experience zero gravity Zero-G and Roddenberry Adventures.

Star Trek debuted on September 8, 1966, and zero gravity flight will take place one month after the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the series. Each ticket has a value of US $ 6.500 plus tax and includes a flight suit, a party photos and videos, plus the opportunity to meet in person Takei.

Those involved in the flight board the G-Force, the Boeing 727 specially modified for Zero-G using parabolic arches to achieve zero gravity in an easier way, “says a statement about the event.” At the tip of each arc, everything is possible, as perfect the moonwalk, flying through the air or turn somersaults like an Olympic gymnast. The flight will include 12 to 15 parabolas. After a brief meeting with the lunar and Martian gravities, passengers experience true weightlessness and freedom of being unattached exciting of the Earth’s attraction. ”

Takei has a very busy summer, without this zero gravity flight. On June 13, he will make his debut in an off-Broadway play called White Rabbit, Red Rabbit.

And on June 23, Takei will join Star Trek co-star Nichelle Nichols and astronaut Buzz Aldrin at the Kennedy Space Center for the anniversary of Apollo 11.

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Ghostbusters “sequel will

I do not know if you should be one of the many spectators who decided to go to theaters and convert Ghostbusters the second most popular film this weekend. The paranormal comedy written and directed by Paul Feig has raised US $ 46 million at the box office, leaving behind only the animated film The Secret Life of Pets.

Good revenue numbers seem to have been content to Sony Pictures, the distributor of the film. Its worldwide distribution president Rory Bruer, has told entertainment blog The Wrap: “The world of Ghostbusters is good and I hope very much alive Ghostbusters become a major brand and franchise.”. Bruer added that, although it has not officially announced anything yet, expects a sequel to the film.

It is not the first time Sony squeezes the potential behind a group of specialists in the extermination of paranormal creatures. This Ghostbusters is indeed the key female reissue classic namesake film 1984. That included a second film released in 1989 and starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson again in the roles of Ghostbusters. The franchise also included the animated series The Real Ghostbusters issued during the 80’s.

It remains to be seen if the deal Ghostbusters 2016 – led by veteran comedy Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig and completed the two actresses SNL Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon – adds to the full for the second part of the comedy. It is also not confirmed the return of Feig time behind the camera.

If you have not seen Ghostbusters and you’re deciding whether to put it on your list of activities for the upcoming weekend, read our review of the film.

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These are all Apple iPad available at this time

While Apple is known for keeping things very simple, the recent addition of the iPad Pro 9.7 to its line of tablets has made things a little more complicated.

If you are considering buying a new Apple tablet, or simply are of those people who like to see comparative tables, we have prepared two lists of all options iPad currently available, including models with only Wi-Fi and models with Wi-Fi and cellular connection. Apple also announced a new smaller iPhone, on which you can read more here.

The new iPad Pro 9.7 is basically the same version as the 12.9-inch model, but with some few additions and functions. In addition to a colorful display and compatibility with the Pencil Apple tablet sensors help detect ambient light and adjust the color temperature.

Although it is a smaller canvas, the iPad Pro 9.7 is still one of the best tablets available for artists.

Among the specifications that make it superior to the iPad Air 2 which debuted in October 2014, the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro has the same screen resolution iPad Pro (2,732×2,048 pixels). The display of this new iPad 40 percent reflects less light than the iPad Air 2, is 25 percent brighter and has a color saturation 25 percent better, according to Apple.

Now the iPad Pro comes in large and extra large sizes.

Fitbit, business activity monitors, prepares to go public

Fitbit, one of the leading manufacturers in the market for devices apparel, plans to go public.

In documents filed against the US financial authorities, the company eight years based in San Francisco, California, said it aims to raise US $ 100 million in the Stock Exchange of New York.

Founded in October 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman, Fitbit manufactures several devices that monitor physical activity and that can be placed as a pin or wrist to count steps and measure exercise.

Fitbit also develops software that synchronizes your mobile devices and the web and serves to display statistics, give advice and allows users to record what they eat daily to measure caloric intake and other health measures daily.

Fitbit devices include band Charge HR and Surge smart watch, which came to market in January, and other devices that cost between US $ 50 and US $ 250. The company said it sold nearly 11 million devices last year, which represented him $ 745.4 million in US sales.

According to research firm NPD Group, Fitbit was the company that sold more monitors physical activity through various sales channels in the United States last year, capturing a market share of 68 percent of the market based on dollars, up from 58 percent in 2013.

Fossil Q Motion Preview

The Misfit Ray … sorry, I mean, the Fossil Q Motion.

Suddenly all monitors physical activity seem to want to be seen as if they were jewels. Fitbit, Misfit and others are trying to make that aparatejo placed on your wrist that counts your steps look more attractive. The Q Motion Fossil has the familiar look stylized half of a metal bracelet. It joins a host of Fossil wearables have come on the market this year: Q exercise other monitors, watches with functions of physical activity and Android Wear smart watch, Q Founder.

However, the Q Motion is a tad different … although its appearance seems cousin’s latest wearable Misfit, Ray.

The Q Motion monitors your steps, vibrates to announce notifications and watch your dream. It also has a “smart tap”, which allows you to set the band to perform intelligent functions when you press button once, such as changing songs on your phone or function as a remote control to take selfies with your camera.

Unlike Ray Misfit the not Q Motion can carry as a pendant. However, the battery lasts for six months and is waterproof to depths of 50 meters (164 feet).

The great resemblance to Ray may not be an accident. Fossil bought Misfit, a company connected wearables and technology last year. This model shows the process of “Misfiticación” Fossil already underway. The Q Motion costs $ 95 – very close to that of the Misfit Ray price – and will go on sale in US this summer.

iPhone 7: Everything we know so far Apple’s flagship phone of 2016

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [analysis]: An almost perfect curved cell

The new eReader Kobo Aura One has 4 things that do not have the Kindle

Suggested retail, $ 95.00

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more information.

Waze will now be the navigation system Lyft

Drivers often refer to Waze as one of the best navigation applications for use on the road. For now, Waze will be integrated into the system Lyft in an attempt to give drivers and passengers of the company’s drivers demand an additional advantage.

The association between Waze and Lyft, which is supposed to bear fruit “in coming weeks” according to a blog post Lyft, incorporates the software development kit Waze under Lyft. Drivers receive updates in real time and be less waste of time for everyone involved.

While drivers will have to change to Waze on the road, the application will have a Return to Lyft button (return to Lyft) for quick access to the application of Lyft, drivers used to signal when a passenger has reached your destination or when a car has come to pick up a passenger.

Waze also become the de facto navigation application for all new drivers Lyft.

The trick to Waze is its use of crowdsourcing. Individual users of Waze can point out the dangers and problems on the road that can lead to delays, and those changes are sent to any other user in real time. After Google acquired the company, its own Maps application grew to incorporate Waze wealth of data sent by the user.