Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Preview

TAIPEI – As part of its sample new products at Computex 2015 fair, Asus has introduced a range of tablets ZenPad frontline, including ZenPad S 8.0.

The ZenPad S has the Atom Z3580 64-bit processor from Intel and 4GB of RAM, the first 8 inch tablet to have this feature, according to Asus. The ZenPad S also features a PowerVR graphics processor 6430.

According Jonney Shih, chairman of Asus, the ZenPad provides 3.4 times the processing performance on Internet browsing some of its competitors and 2.2 times the graphics performance.

The S also has an optional style. Despite being an extra, Zen style was designed specifically for ZenPad S and offers stunning 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity with a point of writing 1.2 mm.

Asus seems to have concentrated on the design of the new ZenPad and offers a metallic finish with “diamond-cut edges”.

The S has a thickness of only 6 mm (0.25 inches) and weighs 298 grams (10.5 ounces), so that compares favorably with the IPAD Mini 3 having 7.5 mm (0.29 inch) thick and weighs 331 grams (11.6 ounces) in the case of model that only comes with Wi-Fi.

The screen is an IPS 2K (2,048×1,536-pixel) panel with a density of 324 pixels per inch. Has several special enhancements Asus, as TruVivid and Tru2Life (features known collectively as VisualMaster), which aim to improve the clarity, contrast and brightness. The TruVivid technology modifies the traditional manufacturing process of the screen to eliminate the gap between the touch panel and the LCD model, which improves the optical transparency, according to Asus. The Tru2Life + technology, on the other hand, is an addition of software that improves video playback.

Among the accessories are cover Clutch and another, called Power Cover, which adds an additional 15 hours battery life.

Other options in the range ZenPad are ZenPad 8.0, which has an Intel processor x3-C3200, embossed leather and interchangeable rear panel. There is also the option of a cover that adds audio feature DTS 5.1 sound format with six speakers. Meanwhile, the ZenPad 7.0 and 10.1 have different size screens and 10.1 has an optional keyboard.

Although the company has not specified what operating system will have the ZenPad range, images delivered to the press suggest that it is Android. But Asus in the past has included both Windows and Android in its range of tablets and the Atom processor means that the option of running Windows is present.

All ZenPad tablets will come with 4G LTE and versions that only use Wi-Fi, although availability will be different in various regions. Still they have not announced pricing or date of release.

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Channel Master will give away a free antenna to your TV

If you want to buy an antenna for use with your smart TV, you can take advantage of the offer for a free hand Channel Master.

Channel Master a manufacturer of antennas and transmission boxes and recording streaming video, announced on Tuesday that April 15 – to ease the pain of paying taxes – will give away their high definition flat antennas. The company will also cover the cost of shipping.

The high-definition flat antenna is for indoor use and can receive a signal transmission up to 35 miles away, usually enough for people who live in cities or suburbs near transmission towers.

Our purpose is to help promote awareness of open and free television, “said Shelley O’Connell, director of marketing communications.” Many Americans do not know what a TV antenna or do not realize the value it provides. It is a question of education and believe that holding tax day giving away some antennas would be a fun way to help spread the message. ”

Persons wishing to stop paying a monthly fee to their cable or satellite provider have many options to continue watching live TV programs through smart TV, but only with an antenna that is free.

If you have Internet access, you can sign up for a service like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue, which offer some of the same channels that a company like Comcast or Time Warner, but in small packages so that the user can choose and pay only for them. But still you have to pay. However, an intelligent TV with an antenna and a user might receive dozens of HD channels and live free.

However, an antenna is only part of what you need to see live TV programs. Since 2009, the federal government requires that all new TVs can receive digital TV signal, so make sure you have a recent TV. If not (and I have a 2008, so I know), you will need a box that can convert the digital signal entering the antenna and translate it so that your old TV can display the image. But since you do that, you will see many of your favorite channels in high definition.

If you want to participate in the free draw for one of these antennas, you can visit the website of Channel Master from 8 a.m. Pacific Time April 15. But you have to take advantage of the early supply because hardly stocks are exhausted, the promotion ends. There is a limit of one antenna per consumer.

To see what you can see TV channels with an antenna, checked the map of the Federal Communications Commission and enter your zip code.

A hybrid ASUS Transformer T100 and one year of Office 365 for $ 150

The Asus Transformer T100 is a hybrid fledged detachable keyboard.

Hybrid higher-end market, like the Surface Pro from Microsoft or Apple iPad Pro are rather glorified tablets, as your keyboard sold separately. But if you want a true hybrid, with a keyboard that you can put on and take to your liking, you have a lot cheaper options.

Take for example the Transformer Book T100 Asus, which debuted without much fanfare a couple of years to about US $ 250, and Yugster have limited time to US $ 150, with a subscription to Office 365 a year and free shipping.

The model on sale in Yugster comes with 32GB of storage, 1GB memory slot microHDM card 1 microUSB port, 10-inch screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Windows 8.1 (you can upgrade to Windows 10) and a battery quite decent.

The Transformer Book T100 is not a hybrid high-end and has its limitations. According to experts, the keyboard is small for example. But the battery lasts for hours and you can really use as a tablet fledged that will not cost you a penny.

Offers mentioned in this note apply only to US and they are subject to availability, expiration, and other terms of stores and suppliers.

This strange strap allows you to make calls from a traditional watch

A traditional watch can not receive messages. Nor you can make phone calls from your wrist. But there are companies out there trying to make watches “dumb” smart … especially through straps. Hot Band is one of them.

Hot Band arrives today at Kickstarter, and is basically a belt in which you insert a “smart fob” (smart fob) to receive notifications and track your physical activity. It loads itself and its battery lasts two days. The so-called Smart Fob Hot Band live at the bottom of the strap of your watch as a small smart wart.

The Smart Fob can come loose then add an Audio Fob: basically, a Bluetooth headset that can live on your wrist and you will use to make phone calls from your hand. Turn up the speaker, put your hand on your ear and start talking. I tested a prototype of this equipment in offices in New York, and therefore did work. Hot Band promises to offer more discreet than those of a regular smartwatch, like the Apple Watch, which is why Hot Band is trying to convince the owners of an Apple Watch that put this thing on your wrist phone calls.

Hot Band can be put on any watch using a strap 20-24mm, including many Android Wear watches and Pebble. It’s a smart idea if you think about adding a speaker to a smartwatch that lacks one, or display a standard clock.

At present, and because it is a prototype, the design of the Hot Band is not attractive at all, at least at this time.

The Smart Fob is not very cute to say.

I just tested a pre-release version fob audio Hot Band and found it very rare and very stable. The fob that provides notifications is not even a working model. If for some reason you decide to support the campaign in Kickstarter (which always carries a risk), you can opt for the fob audio or smart fob, but not both (for some reason) at a price of US $ 49. However, its price is expected to be US $ 119, which I think is too high.

I understand that many people only use ordinary watches and have no interest in owning a smartwatch. Hot Band is one of several companies that want to position themselves in the category of “smart bands to watch” with the promise to turn your clock every day … something a little less silly. With the right price and the right design, it could be an excellent idea. The smartest idea of ​​the Hot Band is its function to call from your wrist. If Hot Band improved design and manages to place all functions in a single strap, it could prove yourselves interesting. But the way it is now, would not use.

Using block ads in apps for iOS 9

Blockers are a hot topic content. If you are not familiar with the topic, this is the crux of the matter: Apple now allows developers to create apps that can block ads, among other things, the mobile version of Safari.

Blockers can also block content, images, fonts, ad tracking tools and videos that arise while you are browsing Safari. a robust blockers number of apps in the App Store content already exists, and many more are coming.

Using apps to block ads …

The advantages of content blockers also clear, clean interface of Web sites you visit are several. When ads and tracking tools are no longer loaded when you visit a site, the pages load faster and use less data in the process.

The first thing you have to do is select which app to use. Crystal only blocks ads – it’s very simple. Blockr blocks ads and offers the ability to block images and videos. Both applications cost $ 099.

Beyond the differences in functionality, each application depends on a database server and ad sites to block content. So, although it seems that all my blockers are created in the same way, this is not the case. So it is advisable to select the app that works best for your needs and Web sites you frequent.

After downloading a content blocker, you must enable it. Initializes the Settings app (Settings) on iOS, give a touch Safari and then Content Blockers. Slide the switch located next to the block you want to enable the on position (On). Press the start button on your device and return to the home screen, where you have to find the app and initialize.

Some apps have simple switches with options on and off, while others offer more control (such as allowing the ads are loaded in certain places). Adjust settings according to your preferences, close the app and initializes Safari.

Ads and any supplemental content that the app is able to block and should not be displayed while browsing the Web through Safari. However, by blocking the content, there will be times when this function can affect to fully load a page or that the site is not completely loaded.

Instead of having to repeat the steps detailed above to disable the blocking content, you can press and hold the refresh icon in the address bar. It will emerge a notification that lets you refresh the page with all my blockers disabled.

Four tricks to improve the battery life of Galaxy S5

Users with a cell Galaxy S5 can be confident about the battery. While most Android devices have some kind of function to save battery, Samsung went even further with its latest flagship phone. Knows how to make your battery last all day and more on the Galaxy S5

The energy saving mode Samsung is nothing new feature has been available since the Galaxy S2. When activated, this mode can be used to block the background applications do not use data to limit the performance of the cell, reduce the frames per second of the screen, limit the screen brightness and even change to black and white screen .

Four tricks to improve the duration of …

Thus greatly improve the duration of your battery without much reducing its performance. However, because the mode limits the processing power of the phone, I recommend it off before playing video games or run any application that requires many resources.

The energy saving mode can be found in the configuration of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Enables ultra power saving mode Galaxy S5 if you want to extend the maximum battery life. Samsung claims that when the device is fully charged, this mode will offer up to 12.5 days of battery. In fact, with only 10 percent of battery, jogging ultra energy savings will help your cell lasts up to 24 hours mode.

However, there are some disadvantages. Ultra mode greatly reduce power saving functions that can meet the phone. Additionally, changing the screen to black and white mode you simply use only some applications, such as telephone, messaging, Internet browsing, emergency alerts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and a few others. However, you can only place six applications on the Home screen.

The mode will also disable mobile data when the screen is turned off and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These can be reactivated in the configuration is the icon of the three dots in the upper right corner. The menu also lets you adjust the volume, screen brightness and location services.

Mode ultra energy saving can be activated by going to settings and select energy saving mode.

If you want to keep the full functions of your phone while you save some battery, there are also other ways to prevent battery runs out quickly. Open the Settings> Locations> Mode location, and then select Save Energy. This will cause the phone to use Wi-Fi and your cellular network to estimate your location, instead of using the phone’s GPS.

Also, you should make sure that Location Reporting and Location History are disabled. You can find these options under the Google Location Reporting in shaping Location.

Most people put the phone brightness automatically, but you may not know that this can actually be worse. The automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the conditions that are around you. And mode uses the phone sensors as they are in use all the time, actually wear out the battery if adjusts the brightness manually. The automatic mode can also leave the screen at a level that is too bright for your environment.

In some cases, like when you’re outside on a sunny day, you really need not have maximum brightness. To save battery power, I recommend placing the brightness to a point lower than the middle or at a level that is acceptable to your eyes.

Viewing the 2016 GRAMMY Free Internet

Ready to join the most important celebration of music?

Well, you will not have to wait too long, as this Monday, February 15 from 5 pm Pacific time, 8 pm ET will take place the delivery number 58 GRAMMY awards for music, but the thing starts well before.

Viewing the 2016 GRAMMY Free Internet

Thanks to social networks, live coverage will begin much earlier in GRAMMY Live, a completito day coverage through streaming from the red carpet, access to multiple cameras that let you keep an eye on what happens behind the scenes and access what happens behind the stage. GRAMMY Live starts from 12 p.m. Pacific time, 3 p.m. ET.

But it does not end here. You can also see the awards ceremony through his phone, tablet or computer via the app All Access, which costs US $ 5.99 plus tax, but you can take the 7-day free trial to see the Grammys and test the service . also you have access, Web page and app GRAMMY and you can follow all the coverage with the hashtag #GRAMMYs.

Our friends who live outside the United States will have to find out what local chain has rights or may choose to use a VPN (here’s how to choose one and install it) to see the awards online.

To say goodbye we leave the list of nominees and little video of our adventures at the Latin Grammys 2015, so you go picking your favorites, and remember that we will be pending on Twitter throughout the award.

It is the parent company and this site.

5 Tricks Shipping by Amazon if you can not pay the Prime service

If you’re like me, you love to shop for Amazon but can not stand having to pay for shipping, even though the annual membership service Amazon Prime, which costs US $ 99, is seemingly a bargain if you love to make small impulse purchases (or having a video streaming service, which is included).

Therefore, I have compiled some tricks you can use to get free or discounted shipping store in the world’s largest e-commerce.

Add products presale

Amazon offers free shipping on qualified items (ie, the majority) if the total of your purchase is US $ 35 or more. If it seems that all you need to buy at this time does not add US $ 35, add some products in presale, as this Blu-ray Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Amazon charges you the products at the time of sending, so you will not be charged this Blu-ray to your card, but sending else you will buy you free. And if for some reason you decide you do not want to add a Blu-ray Star Wars more to your collection after all … you can always cancel it before you send it.

Find Fillers

Pilon: You can also use this trick of presales to buy items “Add on” Amazon, ie, those that can only be sent with orders of $ 25 or more.

Maybe you feel a little bad presale adding items you know you’re going to cancel (maybe you have consciousness). If that is the case, you can also find items cheaper filler to help you reach the minimum purchase of US $ 35 without spending a single penny more than you need. You can find these items using a service like Filler Item Finder, which allows you to enter the extra amount you need to spend to reach the minimum amount to get free shipping and search results by category.

Send free several directions

Here’s another way to leverage Amazon’s free shipping with a minimum purchase of US $ 35 without having to sort things you do not need: buying gifts for your friends and family! If you can not reach the minimum purchase, add one or two present and click Proceed to checkout (Checkout the box).

On the next screen where you can choose the shipping address, you should see an option to send to multiple addresses (Ship to multiple addresses) in the upper right corner. Click here and select each of the addresses to which you would like to send your items on the menu that appears. Click Continue (Go ahead), go to the payment page and make sure to choose free shipping for all your items. You’ll look like a model son and also pay nothing for shipping!

Do not let school

You can get Amazon Prime for just US $ 49 per year if you’re a college student. Well, a college student or someone with an email address with terminació to work (and be willing to lie about your supposed date of graduation). Subscribe to Amazon Student here, and get six months free Amazon Prime. After that, you only pay US $ 49 a year for up to four years, after which you will be charged the full price of Amazon Prime.

You do not have to be a student to take Prime for $ 49 a year, just to have a very close and very faithful friend who you want to trust you the number of your credit card. Amazon lets you share your account with another adult first through Amazon Households. This adult does not have to live with, although both must be present to verify their accounts to create a “Family” (Household) and both have to agree to share their portfolios (the information on your credit or debit cards). The idea here is obviously that two adults in a family would be dating or marriage, but also could create a family with someone you trust and are sure that you will not steal bank details, like a brother or sister, your parents or your best friend.

Share your Prime membership

5 Tricks Shipping by Amazon if you can not …

George Takei did not want Mr. Sulu was gay

George Takei in the original Star Trek 1966.

Nobody imagined that the actor George Takei would be unhappy with the announcement that the character of Mr. Sulu, who played in the original series of Star Trek in 1966, will come out of the closet in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond.

The revelation that Mr. Sulu is homosexual was, according to the intention of the writer (and actor) Simon Pegg film, a tribute to actor George Takei, who is an activist for the rights of the gay community in Hollywood and made public its sexual condition in 2005.

Offered Takei told The Hollywood Reporter in expressing its disagreement with this announcement. “I am pleased that there is a gay character [in the film]. Unfortunately, it is a diversion from the creation of Gene [Roddenberry, the creator of the original series], which put so much effort. I think it’s really unfortunate.”

In the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the same Takei recalls a conversation he had with Roddenberry in the summer of 1968 in the house of the creator of Star Trek. There Takei raised the idea of ​​introducing the topic of sexual diversity in the program.

But while Roddenberry was in favor of the rights of the LGBT community, he considered that the fall in audience of the series and pressure from conservative sectors could end up making the show was canceled.

No wonder, Star Trek was the first interracial kiss in the history of American TV, between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura, but this episode was not broadcast by several local channels in the southern United States.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor John Cho – who plays Mr. Sulu in Star Trek Beyond – he revealed to Takei in 2015 that Sulu would be homosexual in the film, but from the perspective of not politicizing the sexual status of the character.

Takei raised him to Cho that perhaps the best thing was to introduce a new character as gay, instead of changing the history of the character, who has been heterosexual in 50 years with the series created (and which met in September 2016 ).

Beyond Star Trek opens on July 22 in the United States.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S wants to be the best tablet hybrid world

LAS VEGAS – Samsung challenges the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with a new tablet that is not only lighter and thinner than the others, but also has its own keyboard with touchpad and running Windows 10.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S has a thickness of only 0.63cm and weighs 1.53 pounds. In comparison, the iPad Pro has a thickness of 0.68cm and a weight of 1.57 pounds, while the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a thickness of 0.83cm and weighs 1.69 pounds.

Although the tablet is so thin and light, the Samsung Galaxy Tab integrates an Intel Core Pro S M3 dual-core processor 2.2GHz, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Also, the Galaxy Tab Pro S is the first tablet of the company to integrate a USB Type C (USB-C) port with data transmission speeds of USB 3.1. Moreover, it has rear and front 5 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, GPS, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 515 graphics card and 5,200mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S has a beautiful Super AMOLED screen.

The tablet looks great and is the first tablet Galaxy series – in history – that is not running Android, but Windows 10. This gives an advantage compared to the iPad Pro, which still runs a mobile operating system (almost like what Google offers Android Pixel C) that does not offer much productivity as Windows 10, an operating system running even in desktop high-end. This makes is in a more similar to the Surface Pro 4 level.

However, the 12-inch screen of the Galaxy Tab Pro S is more vibrant than the other two, by using the same AMOLED technology found in cell phones and tablets Samsung. The Super AMOLED screen 12 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S has a high resolution of 2,160×1,440 pixels.

As for the keyboard, the top is adhered by magnets to the back of the tablet while the tablet is connected to through connection Pogo. The touchpad and keyboard feel good, but the keys are not separated as in many computers.

Also, if you have one of the latest mobile Samsung Galaxy, you can join it to the keyboard of the tablet to both engage, and allows you to use the method of unlocking the computer, simply by using the fingerprint reader cell. In addition, this feature allows you to receive Android notifications on your computer (such as text messages).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S seems to point to be one of the best tablets or hybrid computer market, but do not much emotions, as the company still has not announced a price. However, the company expects to launch the tablet in different parts of the world in the first quarter of 2016.

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