Apple seeks large land areas to test your first car

Apple’s new campus would not be big enough for the company to prove its alleged electric vehicle.

Apple, Google and a handful of companies that are working in the manufacture of autonomous or electric cars are looking for large proportions of land around the bay from San Francisco to settle there its research and development and testing, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Victor Coleman, chief executive of the company’s real estate Hudson Pacific Properties Inc. was responsible for giving the keys to the high demand that exists around San Francisco in a call with investors in which, according to the source, he said “we are seeing the Toyota the world, Teslas the world, BMW, Mercedes and even Ford looking for spaces and I have not mentioned the 400,000 square feet that Google is looking or 800,000 square feet that want Apple to project cars.” he said.

While seeking spaces Google or Apple are great, the source ensures that car factories tend to be much larger. For example Fremont plant Tesla has 5.3 million square feet. You can also take as a reference the new headquarters of Apple – under construction – and has 2.8 million square feet, while the Google slashing 4.8 million square feet, not counting all the spaces rented or purchased around of its main buildings.

Hudson Pacific Properties Inc. is one of the largest landowners in the area, with offices in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Coleman made his remarks when he explained to investors that despite concerns about the health of the technology sector remains a growing interest in the areas surrounding San Francisco.

Although we know the autonomous car project Google little is known about Apple. Dubbed Project Titan, CEO own Tesla, Elon Musk, is one of those who has confirmed that the Cupertino company working on a project of electric vehicles, especially based on all employees that the company run by Tim Cook would you allegedly stolen in recent times to shape his team.

All you need to know about the ‘reshoots’ from ‘Rogue One’

The main cast of ‘Rogue One: A Story Star Wars’

The news exploded last May 31 with a similar destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars intensity: A New Hope (1977).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney executives saw a rough cut of the film Rogue One: A Story Star Wars, the first spinoff of the Star Wars saga, whose premiere is set for next December 16. And they did not like what they saw.

Disney acted accordingly: ordered reshoots of the film directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla). In Hollywood this is a common practice when it comes to big productions with a lot of money involved.

According to press reports, the reasons for Disney is that the tone of Rogue One seems more of a “war film” and bears little relation to the spirit of exciting adventure of the original Star Wars 1977.

So far so good, nothing to be alarmed at first. Star Wars: The Force Awakens emerged as the third highest grossing film in history globally and relaunched the saga as a cultural phenomenon.

It is logical that Disney and Lucasfilm wish to maintain the high economic level and critical achieved by the film directed by J.J. Abrams.

According to Boris Kit wrote in The Hollywood Reporter, “the purpose of the reshoots will lighten the plot, bring some levity in history and restore a sense of fun to the adventure.”

A Star Wars Story, which keep fans of Star Wars to the edge of the seat: But this week more data about reshoots Rogue One they met

The website The Playlist confirmed that screenwriter Tony Gilroy (The Bourne Legacy) monitor with Edwards shooting new scenes.

Gilroy, along with writer Scott Z. Burns rewrote the final script of the film, whose author is the director and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation).

About 40 percent of the film will be re-shoot, to maintain continuity with the final script.

They are being built 32 sets or new scenarios to film the scenes to add.

The reshoots be made for six consecutive weeks this summer, to have a new cut of the film available in time before the premiere in December. The week shoot will consist of six days.

Making the Star Wars website claims to have spoken with people linked to production and the environment seems to be quiet, without any alarm, because they feel that the new scenes enhance the film.

Edwards is a talented filmmaker and the first trailer for Rogue One: A Story Star Wars looks impressive. We must wait to see a new breakthrough or read reports emerging from the filming of these new scenes to know what awaits us with the spinoff of The Wars.

Use Google Now to send WhatsApp, Viber and other apps

When you drive you should not texting – which is even illegal in some places. We all know, but it’s hard to resist when we expect in a high or heavy traffic. But rather than risk having an accident, it is good idea to use voice commands to Google Now to write your messages.

In the past you could use Google Now to send text messages, Hangouts messages or emails. However, thanks to a recent update now you can use the service to send messages via WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus. Is that how it works

Use Google Now to send WhatsApp messages, …

What other apps you would like to use with Google Now? Share your favorites in the comments.

(Via Google)

Do you want to save battery on your iPhone? Delete the app from Facebook

Are not you happy with the battery of your iPhone? Try this.

Go to Settings (Settings)> Battery (drums), and then waits to load the Battery Usage section (Using battery). Now check which application is consuming the highest percentage of energy from your phone. If you have the Facebook app installed, it is likely to be one of the most consumed.

Do you want to save battery on your iPhone? Borra …

In my phone, for example, Facebook devoured an overwhelming 18 percent of my battery in the last 24 hours, and 16 percent in the last seven days (only the app to send group messages GroupMe consumed more). It makes sense, then, to delete the application would significantly improve the life of your battery.

How much your phone battery is eating the Facebook app?

Samuel Gibbs, reporter for the newspaper The Guardian, recently offered evidence of this. He found that delete the Facebook application can improve the battery life of your phone up to 15 percent.

These were the results after a week using the Facebook app and a second week without use

Of course, that’s just a testimony. Would you spend the same with other users of the Facebook app? Gibbs did more tests

As is clear in the last sentence, delete the Facebook app does not mean not having access to the social network. You can access the service from your mobile browser, which should have an impact on virtually nil storage and your phone battery. Of course, you have to learn to live without some of the facilities that only gives you the app, such as the ubiquitous toolbar (in the browser, disappears as soon as you slide down), and autoplay videos embedded in the thread stories of the social network.

On the other hand, you will not need the irritating Facebook Messenger app to send messages when the social network queries from your browser. And almost certainly see an improvement in your battery life. Is it worth the sacrifice?

You try not lose anything. Get rid of the app for a week (or even just one day) and see how well you do. You may find that the version of Facebook for browser meets all your needs of social connection.

If you’ve already used this option, go to the comments section of this article and tell us how it went.

Google Duo: video calling app for Android and iOS. Duo is the FaceTime for Android

Toc toc is one of the most important developments that brings Google Duo.

The new app from Google video calls, Duo is available for iOS and Android, bringing simplicity and independence of your email.

True, Google already has Hangouts as an app for video calls running on different platforms and device classes. However, Google Duo is verified through your phone number instead of your email account. In addition, Google Duo offers better call quality and is easier to use.

In a video call using Duo.

You can download Google Duo for Android in Google Play here or iOS in the Apple App Store here.

There are many video calling apps on the market, including Skype and Facebook Messenger, among others. Even Google already has Hangouts for video calls, as well as chat.

However, the great advantage is that Google Duo is very simple to use and does not depend on your Google Account, but your phone number. In addition, although it is very similar to FaceTime on the iPhone and Apple devices, Duo also works on Android.

During the time I tried it, the call quality was actually higher than that generally provides Hangouts, and although the images are pixelaban when I disconnected from Wi-Fi to use the cellular network, the sound quality remained relatively similar.

Also, the Toc toc function did not always work despite calling Android to Android, so we still have some things to improve on the basic front.

It is true that Google Duo differs slightly Hangouts, but I’m not sure if this difference really makes it worthwhile to download another app to use something that we had been using for years. In addition, it is necessary that your friends also download Duo to start it to use.

Duo could be more useful if all Android phones bring this app preinstalled, as often happens with Hangouts. Suddenly, Google plans to do this with Android 7.0 Nougat.

iPhone 7: Everything we know so far Apple’s flagship phone of 2016

Nougat Android 7.0 brings improvements in the design and intelligent functions [first impression]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [analysis]: An almost perfect curved cell

The new eReader Kobo Aura One has 4 things that do not have the Kindle

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more information.

Windows 10 offers versions ‘tailored’ for mobile

Microsoft is not letting smartphones and tablets when it comes out next Windows 10 operating system.

At an event Wednesday from Redmond, Washington, software titan said it would offer an adapted version of Windows 8 for devices with screen sizes having a smaller size to 8 inches, ie, smartphones, jumbo tabléfonos and small tablet version.

“It is designed to go with your PC as a great companion,” said Joe Belfiore, group vice president of Microsoft operating systems during the event.

Microsoft has a lot riding on Windows 10. The company expects the move to Windows 10 will provide a catalyst for interest in mobile devices running Windows, which has fallen far behind Google’s Android and Apple iOS.

The company is launching of Windows 10 as a consistent experience across all devices, even if there is a specific version created for smaller gadgets.

Microsoft said earlier that Windows 10 would come as a free upgrade to users of devices with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone.

Belfiore emphasized communication for small devices with Windows 10, including integration with Skype to make video calls and voice, as well as the ability to dictate messages from any device where a keyboard.

This is a developing news story. Be sure to return for full details on the event Microsoft, which is still ongoing.

Viewing in Google Now the most popular times in hot spots

A new feature of Google Now will let you see what time it is more busy or occupied a business (it is not clear in what places, but certainly in the United States). The information is very useful if you want to plan to go to dinner or a movie, or just want to make sure someone will be free in the store to assist you. The feature, called Times Popular (Popular Times), has not yet appeared on Google Maps, but easy access it through Google Now.

This is what you have to do

Viewing in Google Now the most popular times …

Whether you like to go see people, or shop in peace, this new feature of Google Now can help you find the perfect time to go to your favorite stores and restaurants.

Bedbugs robotized jump over water

We all know at least one story of someone who walked on water, and we have seen a Chinese robot that has this extraordinary power, but now a team of engineers from the universities of Harvard and Seoul National (SNU), South Korea , he has taken the next step and has managed to build miniature robots that can jump over the water, where most sinks.

Imitating a common insect, the water bug, the team created a small robot that can not only walk on water, but can jump from the liquid, like the insect.

It is necessary to apply a specific degree of pressure on the water for an accurate time to jump, “said Cho Kyu Jin, NSU, in a statement.” The robotic bug can do it perfectly. ”

Besides being able to perform these precise mechanical operations, natural water bugs have long legs with slightly curved ends, which increases the area that used to rely on the water surface and jump with the greatest possible force, without breaking the tension liquid surface, which is what keeps afloat.

After studying how a water bug jumps, along with a number of versions of the robotic insect, the team managed to apply the model to a pressure equivalent to 16 times its own weight, all without breaking the surface tension of water.

“The robotic insect can achieve the same momentum and height as if on land, but it does in the water, spreading the force of momentum for a longer time and holding contact with the surface of the water,” said Robert Wood, the Harvard University and co-author of a study on work, published Friday in the journal Science.

How these robots will be used? The research was partially funded by the Defense Acquisition Program South Korea, so it is not inconceivable to imagine an army of bugs robotized water crossing to North Korea to watch Kim Jong Un.

Google gives space to store 50,000 songs

Tuesday Google surprised its users with the announcement that, starting Wednesday, can now upload up to 50,000 songs in your personal music library on Google Play Music service.

Before this update, users could only upload up to 20,000 songs for free – so there is an increase of more than double that users do not leave any song out of the cloud of your account Play Store.

To begin to take advantage of this, just follow these steps

Google’s new offering makes a big difference to its main competitors Apple and Amazon. Apple, meanwhile, offers iTunes Match and allows up to 25,000 songs but with an annual subscription of US $ 24.99. In the case of Amazon, it allows only up to 250 songs, and users should pay for up to 250,000 songs.

Google Play Music is not only a great personal music library. The service also offers the option to play streaming music, radio function and programmed playlists for different purposes or moods. These latter functions are for users who pay monthly US $ 9.99.

Compare Chromebooks: Chrome OS computers

With a small but growing market share of laptops, Chromebooks are finally a viable option for anyone looking for a second computer or laptop for travel. Unlike notebooks are priced similarly, these systems run Google Chrome OS instead of Windows and focus on doing one thing well: provide access to online tools and services at a low cost.

However, there are currently Chromebooks market brands such as Acer, HP, Toshiba and even Google, all with very similar names, which makes it difficult to know how best Chromebook.

Compare our analysis and impressions of the main Chromebooks at the bottom. These models are currently available (the Samsung Chromebook 2 will be released in April 2014). All models offer storage, processor and similar bodies.

The differences are few: the touch screen makes Acer C720P be our favorite in general, the 1080p 13-inch screen next Samsung Chromebook 2 is best for HD video and writing, the latest HP models add some style.

If Chrome OS continues to grow in the market, it is likely to begin to see more variations in size, functionality and design, offering more options for people who do not want a computer with OS X or Windows.

Samsung says it has the answer for the uniformity of its next generation Chromebooks called Chromebook 2. These new models, 11.6-inch and 13-inch, feature notable changes in the outside and inside, including a cover with imitation leather it feels soft to the touch and texture points around the edge of the lid. It also features a screen resolution of 1,920×1,080 in the 13-inch model. Note that both models have a Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor, and not one Intel as most Chromebooks. Read the analysis of the Samsung Chromebook 2.

The second generation model 14-inch HP takes a step forward in design. The new Chromebook 14 comes in three colors: white snow, turquoise sea and peach. It also includes 200MB of 3G data per month for two years. Surprisingly, HP Chromebook 14 includes two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, HDMI and SD card slot.

The first generation Samsung Chromebook is still available for a price ranging from US $ 199 to US $ 249, depending on where you look. Remember that the Samsung Chromebook uses a low-power processor, the Exynos 5 Dual. This offers a good battery life, but do not expect exemplary performance. Read more about the Samsung Chromebook Series.

This is the first laptop designed by Google. It includes a touch screen high definition – with a higher pixel density than Apple’s Retina displays – and a processor Intel Core i5 really. Even a year after its launch, the Pixel still costs US $ 1.299.