Viewing the Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention (RNC for its acronym in English) is held at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, between 18 and 21 July. If you’re not one of the more than 50,000 people expected to attend it but you always curious to see the media interventions Donald Trump, we tell you how to follow it from the Internet.

The Republican Party has launched the official app for iOS and Android RNC 2016. Since this mobile application will be available the official schedule of speeches at the convention, there are interactive maps of the stadium where the conference is held and a guide transport and hotels in Cleveland .

Viewing the GOP convention …

In addition and as explained the digital director of the RNC, Samantha Osborne, the app will provide “unprecedented access”. The app will include live streaming video from the convention, in addition to video in 360 degrees. “It’s pretty comprehensive. We wanted to ensure it was well whether you’re in Cleveland or not”.

The App RNC 2016.

If you do not want to settle more an app on your smartphone, do not worry. Google will be the official provider of live video at the convention. The decision was announced YouTube said in a statement: “You can not only see coverage from beginning to end of the convention, from wherever you are but also, for the first time, we will broadcast live the convention in 360 degrees so you feel you are in. middle of the action “. This is the YouTube channel of the RNC.

Another good way to follow the convention are its official social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In addition to regularly check Google Trends to see how users search Google manifest.

If you want to know the positions of Donald Trump on other issues, visit

1. Immigration: Trump: Less visas, border wall and not nationality to children of undocumented immigrants

2. Mexico: Trump: We need a wall because Mexico is not our friend

3. Health: Trump: No to Obamacare, more jobs and fewer social programs

Finally! Astronauts are able to take a coffee in space

The International Space Station (ISS English) is about to receive its first machine for making espresso coffee, designed to produce hot, fresh and delicious coffee in a zero gravity environment.

Only one detail: the ISSpresso, designed by the Italian company Argotec, serves coffee in a bag, from which astronauts have to sip coffee with a straw, which is not the same as taking the express from a cute little cup.

The strange repository to drink that comes out in the photo above seeks to solve a problem. The gadget has been designed by a team that includes Mark Weislogel, a professor of group of thermal sciences and fluid from Portland State University who has spent considerable time analyzing the problem with the drinking coffee in space, his colleague, Drew Wollman researcher and Nathan Ott school student. And what you want is to give astronauts a similar drinking coffee in a cup experience.

Due to the wide variety of espresso drinks, took the necessary steps to measure the effects of moisture and tension type surfaces espresso ‘Italian’, the caffe latte and the American style coffee, “Weislogel said.” For some people , texture and aroma of the cream play an important role in the overall experience of espresso. We show that in low gravity environments this might not be possible, but we have suggested alternatives to enjoy an espresso in a spaceship. ”

To replace gravity, the strange shape of the cup is designed to store the liquid using surface tension.

The shape of the container can pass fluid from passive to their preferred destinations without having to move the parts – using the passive forces of moisture stress and the surface, “Weislogel said.” Its geometry is the ‘smart’ part, It is operating the fluid control system without pumps or centrifugal forces. ”

Cup not necessarily work well with any liquid, the coffee has a high concentration of oil grains, which means it has a higher viscosity – and higher surface tension, even just a little more. In any case, a little is enough to change things.

The cup was made with a 3D printer – something astronauts on the ISS now have the ability to do themselves in space – and subjected to tests by pulling from a tower to ensure that can keep the drink properly in a simulated microgravity.

And also, the design has implications beyond an ordinary rate.

“We tried to use our new methods to reevaluate fluid systems aboard a spacecraft – including cooling systems, fuel tanks, processing equipment water for sustaining life, habitat for plants and animals, medical fluids, food, etc. “Weislogel said.

The team presented their research at a recent meeting of the American Physical Society.

EA wants your vote to select the next cover of ‘FIFA 17’

The Colombian James Rodriguez, Real Madrid midfielder could be on the cover of the video game FIFA 17, but only if elected by fans.

Football wins only scoring goals, but only the cover of the video game FIFA 17 with the help of the fans win.

Video game publisher Electronic Arts announced on Tuesday the launch of a global competition to decide who will be the image of the new edition of the iconic game franchise FIFA. The finalists, previously announced, are the Colombian James Rodriguez, attacking midfielder for Real Madrid CF, the French Anthony Martial, central Manchester United striker ‘the Belgian Eden Hazard, left midfielder Chelsea FC and Germany’s Marco Reus, striker Borussia Dortmund side to the left.

Voting is easy. Participants only have to go to the contest page and press the voting button in the player section of wanting decorate the cover of the game. If the user shares who voted for Twitter, will get the opportunity to vote four times. For every 10 votes the user wins content that you can download to play FIFA 16. Only one player can vote for every day. The vote expires on July 19.

The cover of the 2016 Lionel Messi shared and Alex Morgan of the US women’s team In 2015, Messi was with Clint Dempsey, leading the US men’s team

FIFA 17 launches on September 27 and will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC by Origi. The standard version costs US $ 60, the deluxe edition will cost US $ 80, and the price of super deluxe edition is $ 100.

Google patented a device that is injected into your eyes: report

A Google patent could improve your vision of simple, but chilling.

Google has filed a patent for an electronic device for vision correction that would be injected directly into the eye.

According to a report in Forbes magazine, the device is designed to help the concentration of light on the retina, which results in poor vision correction. The report says that this device will contain its own storage, radio transmitter and lenses and apparently will be powered wirelessly from an antenna to capture energy, so it is presumed that do not need to leave antennas eyeballs.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although Google has filed patent, as usual this is no guarantee that we will see this technology soon. Many patents are filed by tech firms and never see the light. Of course this is one of those technologies that will keep our eyes wide open.

More credible patents are obtained recently introduced by Apple to incorporate liquid metal to the Start button of your devices, or even which will wake the Apple Watch.

Forza Horizon 3 ‘will arrive on September 27

The popular racing game Forza Horizon 3 will arrive on September 27 for Xbox One and Windows 10 console, Microsoft on Monday announced during E3 2019 gaming conference in Los Angeles.

The game will have different environments like deserts, flooded plains and cityscapes.

Follow all the coverage of E3 2016 from this site here.

Download Adobe Lightroom for Apple TV

Apple TV premieres app Adobe Lightroom.

The fourth generation Apple TV received an excellent application for photography lovers Monday: Adobe Lightroom.

The app, which is used in computers or mobile devices, now reaches the box streaming Apple TV to see images hosted on the Adobe server. Adobe offers its subscribers the option to synchronize images in Lightroom and can display them in other applications on other platforms.

Lightroom for Apple TV takes photos that have been displayed, stored and edited in any version of Lightroom Creative Cloud (CC): tablets, desktop, Web or mobile. It is necessary to have a subscription to Adobe CC.

The application can now be downloaded from the App Store Tuesday dedicated to Apple TV. Other photo apps are now available on the Apple TV fourth generation, such as Flickr or 500px.

Getting mode nightlight on Google Play Books

We know that the light-emitting devices can take away our sleep. Google recognizes that this is a problem and added a new color mode to your Play Books app.

This new mode, called Night Light or night light, use amber tone based on natural sunlight to filter blue light, and thus reduce eyestrain. In the early hours of the morning, the pages of electronic books will appear in the color settings you selected. But as the day progresses, the pages will become the warm color of amber.

How to Obtain the night light mode in Google …

This feature is gradually rolling out to users, but if you want to save the wait, you can install a copy of APKMirror. This site compares the cryptographic signatures to ensure you are getting a legitimate copy of the app. After you complete the download, give a touch to the notification and install the new version of Play Books.

When you open your first book after the upgrade, you will be notified of the Night Light mode. However, if you miss the notification, you can enable mode by simply giving out on a bunt to the corner of the page, then the icon A, and activate the Night Light mode.

If you use the color scheme reversed (ie, the background is black and the text is white) for your books, night light mode still work to adjust the font color to darker shades of amber.

In addition, AndroidPolice notes that this version of Google Play Books comes with a configuration that can receive notifications when one of the writers of your book collection publishes new content. This is enabled by default and includes all authors. If you want to disable this feature, go to Settings (Settings)> Notifications (Notifications)> Author (here marks the box).

(Via Android Official Blog)

Download wallpaper of El Capitan while the new Mac OS comes

Tired of looking at the Half Dome Yosemite? If you’ve been using the wallpaper default OS X Yosemite (or any wallpaper, for that matter), you can from and change the current view of Half Dome in Yosemite for a breathtaking view of El Capitan.

Apple will not release OS X 10.11 El Capitan until the fall (after a public beta in July), but the default wallpaper of The Captain is there to download.

Download wallpaper of El Capitan while …

An image of 5,120×3,200 pixels is available here on a page of Amazon Web Services.

And from the Apple site, you can find two versions of lower resolution: an image of a widescreen 3,142×1,496 and 2,136×1,496 image closer.

To set one of the above images as wallpaper, you must open them in your browser, right click on it and select Save As. Then click the thumbnail of the image downloaded and select Services> Set as Desktop picture.

You can also find the default wallpaper for iOS 9 here, which can give your iOS device a new look.

The ZTE Axon 7 presale arrives in US with up to 6GB of RAM and BMW design

The ZTE Axon 7 has a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with a fingerprint reader on the rear and a sleek metal body.

Are you interested in buying the best of ZTE in the US? Wednesday starts the presale of ZTE Axon 7 in different retail stores, including Amazon and Best Buy, as well as on the website of ZTE.

The ZTE Axon 7 has a starting price of US $ 399.98 and units bought in the presale will begin shipping on July 17.

This cell ZTE was one of the first announced with 6GB of RAM (the cheaper version has 4GB of RAM). It also incorporates an AMOLED screen of 5.5 inches and a 20-megapixel camera. The phone runs Android Marshmallow and has the Snapdragon 820 processor, the same used by the S7 Galaxy in the US, as well as the LG cell G5, the HTC 10 and OnePlus 3.

Also, ZTE cell Axon 7 has a fingerprint reader on the back and a design that was developed in collaboration with Designworks, a company BMW.

In addition, the ZTE Axon 7 will be one of the first cell in compatibility with Daydream, the new virtual reality platform due out later this year, possibly with the release of Android 7.0 Nougat, the successor version of the current Android Marshmallow .

The ZTE Axon 7 has a really low price for its excellent specifications, but will face other cell as the OnePlus 3, which has managed dazzled by its specifications and cost (US $ 399.99).

How and why to enable Wi-Fi Assist feature in iOS 9

For me and the way I use my iPhone, the Wi-Fi Assist tool is a small change, but very useful that came with iOS 9. During the summer months, I like to take my dog ​​for a walk and listen to some of my entries team, the Cincinnati Reds in the at Bat app. But because my iPhone is hung from the weak Wi-Fi signal from my house while walking on the street, I expect to spend one block or more before my iPhone leave the Wi-Fi and can start listening the broadcast.

IOS 9 and Wi-Fi Assist, my iPhone is leaving the Wi-Fi signal long before. That is, rather than wait for the Wi-Fi signal finally die because we are far from home router, Wi-Fi Assist will tell your phone to change into a cellular signal when it determines that the Wi-Fi it is very poor. It is a very efficient change and becomes easily.

How and why to enable Wi-Fi function …

To enable Wi-Fi Assist, go to Settings> Mobile Data and slide to the bottom of the page where you’ll see a menu that says support for Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Assist (if you have your phone set to English). The setting should be enabled by default, but be sure to see if the switch is green (on or off) or not.

For more information, the complete guide to iOS 9 are not lost.