Uber, Google and Ford cars are autonomous coalition

A flotilla of technology and automotive companies are forming a coalition for the autonomous car.

Google, Uber, Ford and others are banding together to promote the interests of the cars that handle alone, according to a Reuters report. The coalition seeks to urge the government to act in relation to autonomous vehicles, specifically to put an order in the chaos of laws governing autonomous cars and differ dramatically from one state to another.

The best route to this innovation is to have a set of clear federal standards, “said David Strickland, he is officer Administration and Traffic Safety National Highway in a statement.” The coalition will work with lawmakers to find the right solutions to facilitate the deployment of autonomous cars. ”

Driverless cars are being deployed by numerous companies. Their proponents say the technology for autonomous driving has the potential to be much safer than the standard driving run by humans, although legislators are more likely to have many concerns about the implications of letting a machine take the steering control.

1.3 million people die each year in traffic accidents, many of them young people, “said a spokesman for Uber in a written statement.” The autonomous cars can help save millions of lives and decongest our cities. ”

Ford echoed and elaborated on that position. “We believe that fully autonomous vehicles will help people to travel more efficiently and safely, and to facilitate the mobility of those who are currently not able to handle,” the automaker said in a written statement.

Earlier this year, Google acknowledged that one of its autonomous cars has been at least partly responsible in a traffic accident in which was involved a bus.

Deletes instead of archiving emails in Apple apps

In my experience, mail applications for iOS and OS X are already pre-programmed to perform two actions, delete or file, if you slide your finger over a message. A sliding left on my iPhone shows the file button and sliding to the left on my Mac displays the delete button. It’s time to synchronize both.

Since we do not feel the need to archive any email message, all I want is to delete the messages on both devices. So, what I need is to change the settings on my iPhone so that instead of filing a message, delete it. However and since we’re on this subject, I also teach you how to change this feature on a Mac.

Deletes emails instead of archiving in …

In iOS, go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select one of the email accounts you have installed Mail. Now go to Account> Advanced and Move messages Discarded area to choose Mailbox Mailbox Trash or File.

In OS X open the Mail app and go to Mail> Preferences. On the View tab, you can choose File to the Trash or Swipe left command.

Windows 10 in action: how does it compare in performance with Windows 8

Windows 10 represents a major change in the way PCs look and function. Most early reviews and impressions of the new operating system Microsoft has been positive, with emphasis on the integrated desktop and Start menu, the new Edge browser and the Cortana digital assistant.

But historically we know that upgrading a PC to a new operating system usually cause performance problems and compatibility, judging from the difficult transition from previous versions of Windows, like XP to Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8.

This time, Microsoft is trying to make it as easy as possible the transition from Windows 8 (or Windows 7) to Windows 10. The upgrade is free for almost all computer owners, judging by the preview versions and final version we tested, the upgrade process is easy and does not destroy existing data or applications, and all notebooks, desktops and hybrid where we tested Windows 10 seem to work as well as they did before.

Beyond the actual installation of Windows 10 and new interfaces and striking features, how does that affect system performance the new operating system? One analyst took half a dozen computers with Windows 8, covering a wide range of prices, components and styles, and upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10, build 10240, which is the same code that will reach consumers to download operating system from July 29.

Then we started some of our benchmark tests on these systems by comparing scores with the exact way in which the same hardware behaved while running Windows 8. The test Multimedia Multitasking (multimedia multitasking) used here encode a video during playback other HD and 4K files in the background while testing Photoshop images resize, apply filters and stores a collection of high-resolution images of the RAW files.

The set of systems we tested includes laptops high end and hybrids with Intel chips generating current Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, including a tablet Surface Pro 3 Microsoft, as well as systems less expensive processors Intel Atom and Celeron, as HP 11-inch laptop Stream and US $ 200.

Through each of them, the difference in performance between Windows 10 operating systems Windows 8 and was minimal, which should calm the fears of those concerned with the update for productivity reasons. In most of the tests facing the results of Windows 8 in the original tests they were faster for a few seconds, but not enough for you you realize in everyday use. In most cases, the difference was small enough to be statistically insignificant.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has not promised an improvement in performance when you upgrade to Windows 10, so these results are not unexpected. But if you were worried about the possible decrease in performance due to the new operating system, it seems you do not have to worry about, especially because the system requirements for Windows 10 are essentially the same as for Windows 8.

When testing with gaming notebook Lenovo Y70 with test BioShock: Infinite (high configuration and 1,920×1,080 resolution) we got 58.6 frames per second under Windows 10, which is comparable to what other systems with the same GPU Nvidia GeForce 860M have Windows 8. that is particularly reassuring, as some earlier builds of Windows 10 encountered major problems when trying to run games with graphics cards medium power.

The result is that computer owners to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8 (and, presumably, since Windows 7) should expect to get the same level of performance of their machines, and they should also expect to make the transition smoothly, without lose access to your data, files, applications.

In previous cycles of the Windows operating system, this was not always so, and our recommendation in the past has been that you had to wait to buy a new one to get the latest version of Windows computer. For Windows 10, at least based on our tests to date, this warning is no longer necessary.

Edge Galaxy S7 Olympic Games: features. Edge Galaxy S7 Rio 2016 Olympics

Iron Man to Batman Batman and the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Samsung continues with the launch of limited editions of its flagship phone the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition.

Like the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition, cell inspired Batman, the Olympic Games Edge S7 maintains excellent specifications that integrates Galaxy S7 Edge, including Exynos 8890 Snapdragon eight-core (or cores 820 US four .), 4GB of RAM, 12-megapixel rear camera and Android Marshmallow.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition is a limited version of Samsung’s flagship phone inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics.

However, on the outside, Samsung has customized the Android phone with the representative colors of the Olympics Rio 2016, integrating green buttons volume, red power button, gold trim on the Start button, a blue border on the edge protector rear camera and flash module, like a golden tone on the handset.

In addition, at the back Samsung placed the logo of the Olympic games, including a customization interface S7 Galaxy Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition transmitted through different parts of the interface.

This customization software mainly focuses on integrating the colors of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 through the main my cell, like notifications, quick settings, settings and lock screen, like apps call and contacts .

Also, the cell brings the app preinstalled Rio 2016 Olympic Games, like wallpapers and themes dedicated to this event. However, the 2016 Rio app is available free for users with other Android devices.

In addition, the cell brings a case that integrates custom Samsung headphones, microUSB adapter to USB and charger cell.

The Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games brings the colors of the Rio 2016 Olympics integrated in different parts of the cell.

The limited edition Galaxy S7 Edge cell inspired by the Olympics came through collaboration with the International Olympic Committee.

As part of this collaboration, Samsung is giving away 12,500 units of Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Editor for all participating athletes of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

However, Samsung also allows stakeholders – who are not athletes participating in the Olympics – to buy the Galaxy S7 Edge Limited Edition Olympic Games from July 18. The company will sell this special edition US (Best Buy), Brazil, Germany, South Korea and China.

Best Buy, the US, the S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition is available for US $ 849.99, which represents US $ 100 more than the regular version.

The S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition is a cell that keeps the best of Galaxy S7, but has small modifications that will satisfy fans of the Olympics or who would like to obtain special editions cell.

Otherwise, for $ 100 more, I do not consider that pay well for most users.

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Nougat Android 7.0 brings improvements in the design and intelligent functions [first impression]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [analysis]: An almost perfect curved cell

The new eReader Kobo Aura One has 4 things that do not have the Kindle

Facebook itself leaves his editors decide the ‘trending topics’, leaked documents show

Facebook has been accused of not being impartial to the issues he says are popular.

It turns out that the choice of the popular topics of Facebook, known in English as trending topics, yes is determined by the influence of human beings and not just by a machine.

The Guardian newspaper leaked documents show that the social networking giant employs a small editorial team to decide what news should appear on your box trending topics. The box is placed on the top right of the Facebook login page and is one of the areas of highest visibility of all Internet. An editorial team received this power of decision after Facebook was criticized for not including enough coverage of the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri, said The Guardian.

The team reviewed ten news sources, including The Guardian and BBC News, to decide whether an issue has “editorial authority.” Employees had the power to add a topic with newsworthiness or send it to a blacklist to be eliminated if “does not represent an event that occurred in the real world.”

Facebook said that the guidelines published by the Guardian not represent their current settings. They plan to publish an update on Thursday.

Justin Osofsky, vice president of global operations at Facebook, said in a statement that Facebook is supported by more than 1,000 news sources “to help verify and characterize world events and what people are commenting.” Vehemently denied the allegations in the sense that Facebook has not been impartial.

“At no time have sought to give more weight to a view either over another, and indeed our guidelines are designed with the objective not to do that,” Osofsky said.

In the rest of his comment he said

“The guidelines show that we have a number of regulations established to help give visibility to the most important, regardless of where to fall on the ideological spectrum folktales. Facebook does not, and does not advise its analysts discriminate systematically sources of any origin political point. what they show is that these guidelines have assumed this responsibility with the aim of creating a high quality product, hoping to provide a meaningful experience for people who use our service. ”

Earlier this week, allegations arose in the sense that the list of popular topics Facebook could have become a tool for employees of the social network esgrimieran their political views. Facebook denied the allegations, but Congress has said it will investigate the matter.

Public outrage over the editorial policies of Facebook comes at a time when the company is taking more control over the news we consume. A study released by Nielsen earlier this week showed that 89 percent of mobile device owners use their computers to access the news. More than half of those who use social networks in their devices are using their networks to find news. And social networks are now second only to television as the main source of news, according to the study.

Geeksphone launch a ‘wearable’ promises to be very sexy

Geeksphone, the Spanish phone company behind blackphone and other devices, is pulling a dive to the growing world of wearables with GeeksMe, a bracelet that promises to measure our physical activity, but – unlike others – also our business (or inactivity) sexual.

According to the website GeeksMe, the new monitor, which is currently in development, will be able to measure such things as steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep quality. Also, like many other gadgets of this kind on the market, promises to serve as an extension of your smartphone, it will send notifications of calls and text messages to your wrist.

So far, everything looks like a more wearable, but there is a function that seeks to differentiate Geeksphone. Among the “special” functions that promises GeeksMe is the ability to monitor the sexual activity of users, because – apparently – this is a desirable feature for many geeks. In the section of this function, the company only promises: “Sexual activity is also part of a healthy lifestyle Know your performance and track your progress.”.

Geeksphone is a company that has been characterized by innovative ideas, as the Revolution Geeksphone phone, which supposedly works with two operating systems. In practice, however, the Revolution is a device that can effectively be used with two OS (Android and Firefox), but every time one is loaded, information on the other is erased completely – and therefore not they can be used both simultaneously, as would be expected.

As for the GeeksMe, the company says it “is an innovative device that opens to the company a new emerging market such as the wearable technology, which will combine synergies with sectors such as fitness and fashion” said Rodrigo Silva-Ramos, co-founder and GeeksMe Geeksphone in a statement. “In addition, we GeeksMe technology into a new field such as ecological responsibility and that of healthy lifestyles”.

According to its creators, the device will be ready in the summer.

Adding a video to your mobile Facebook profile

If you live in California, possibly you have already received the update of Facebook that will give more life to your roaming profile page.

Facebook on Wednesday announced three changes to the profile page of its users on the mobile platform, which first come to California and then to the UK. However, it is expected that the new features will soon reach the 1,310 million people who use the world’s largest social network every month through a mobile device (the total monthly users of the social network across all platforms is 1,490 million).

Adding a video to your mobile profile …

Among the new changes to the profile page – including being able to add a short biography type Twitter and make it easier to use filters in profile pictures – is the ability to replace your profile picture with a video loop (such as Vine).

According to Facebook, these changes will allow its users to “connect and share more with each other and express themselves in meaningful way.”

Luckily, this site is in California and now we got the upgrade. Then, of course, I started to play with the new function and here you explained how to upload a video to replace your profile picture.

When you get mobile Facebook update, you’ll notice an option for video on your profile picture. Click.

Facebook gives you the option to record a new video or upload a video of your collection. Just seven seconds to record a video or upload a video of that duration from your reel imágenes.Escoge Record video profile to make a new video.

Facebook will now ask permission to access your photos and videos reel there to save photos and videos you take with the app. To use this new feature will have to choose OK.

On the next screen, Facebook will ask your permission to use your camera. Choose OK. It will also prompt access to the microphone. I said “No”, but surely there will be situations where you want your video without sound.

Now you can record your video. As it is a video loop similar to Vine, you better have a beginning and end so that when restart every seven seconds he has some sense. For this test, I took a video to a book – about the importance of being happy and smiling – while changing page.

Something you should consider is that the video should be taken with cell vertically.

You can record several test videos. But, when you record a video you like click Next on the upper right of the camera.

On the next page, Facebook will give the option to choose a static image. This thumbnail will be the “picture” profile will see your followers on Facebook and will appear in searches. When you find one you like, choose Save.

When finished, if you return to your profile page through your cell you will notice the change. I also changed my biography – another of the new features coming to the profile page.

The change will also be noticed in your profile page on the Web.

Fitbit is the market leader ‘wearables’: study

The market for smart bracelets grew by 150 percent in the first quarter of 2015, resulting in distributed 7 million units in the period, according to a study by Canalys.

The market research firm says that Fitbit remains the leader in the distribution of smart wristbands company, and again had an increase in the delivery of units compared with figures for the same quarter of 2014.

Fitbit’s success is surprising, because its competitors are numerous and continue to rise. The company also decided not to join the health platform HealthKit Apple iOS 8 which instigated the output of products Fitbit official Apple stores, physical and online.

Surprisingly, the second in the list is occupied by Canalys Chinese startup, Xiaomi, who managed to sneak their My Band, a smart bracelet that is ridiculously cheap. The bracelet costs only US $ 15 and its battery provides 30 days of life on a single charge. The My Band was available only in Asia, but since last Monday, Xiaomi and markets its bracelet US through its website.

The company Garmin GPS electronics and was placed in third place with outstanding quarterly performance, thanks to its two new products of the live line.

The reign of Fitbit and other smart bracelets perhaps is ending. According to Canalys, the smart watch Apple Watch will distribute 20 million units in 2015 (the Apple Watch is available from April 24).

Although the Apple Watch needs an iPhone, Apple’s entry in the second quarter had a negative impact on other vendors, such as Samsung, “said vice president and principal analyst Chris Jones in the statement.” The Apple Watch has the benchmark for other smart watches and [Apple Watch] constitute most units this year. ”

Canalys speaks of distributed units – which relate to the sale of units to stores. That number may not like consumer sales, but is often used in the industry as an indicator of demand. The number of units that buy the consumer is often lower than the number of units distributed.

Apple would use the BMW i3 as a basis for its electric car: report

Apple is in talks with the automaker BMW i3 your car to use as a basis for developing their own electric car, according to information collected by the site 9to5Mac.

According to the report, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, along with other high-caliber executives of the Cupertino giant, met with the leadership of BMW in Leipzig, Germany, for talks related to i3. Supposedly, Apple is interested in structure i3, being fabricated from carbon fiber.

The BMW i3 electric car is already sold in various parts of the world, and the US You can be purchased for US $ 42.400. The i3 offers a journey of 128 kilometers (80 miles) on a single charge, and has the option of a petrol pump to the possibility of longer travel distances up to 240 kilometers.

Not the first time that BMW is mentioned as a possible ally of Apple to develop a car. Oliver Zipse, executive of the German manufacturer, was open to working with Apple, because “we live in a world of alliances,” Zipse said in an interview.

Rumors of Apple car began in February when The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times revealed that Cook gave the green light for the start of development of the car a year ago. The project is known in the ranks of Apple as Titan, and the team is made up of about 20 employees, among old acquaintances and new hires of people with experience from companies like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz.

According to other reports, Apple would be ready to launch its first car in 2020. Companies like General Motors and Tesla plan to launch electric cars with range of 320 kilometers on a single charge and approximately $ 40,000 in 2017.

Apple Watch delays could be due to engine failure haptic

Delays in the delivery of the Apple Watch could be due to a faulty component and not just demand.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the haptic engine made by the Chinese component manufacturer AAC Technologies it was defective as it decayed soon. Because of this problem, the company changed its orders from a second supplier, the Japanese Nidec Corp. Nidec will take some time to produce enough components, which will limit the pace of deliveries of Apple Watch, as saying.

The haptic engine power some key features of Apple Watch. The device uses the engine to mimic the feel of a touch or vibration on the wrist, which allows users to receive notifications of your messages discrete or addresses when using Apple Maps. Apple Watch users can also share the feeling of your heart rate with other owners of Apple Watch.

Apple discovered the problem with the haptic engine during testing before launching the device, according to the Journal, which means that apparently need not be removed from the market of certain units.

Apple declined to comment. AAC and Nidec did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Apple Watch, which requires an iPhone 5 or later to run some apps and receive notifications, is the first new Apple device since it launched the iPad tablet five years ago and the first product category to which comes under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook. For Apple, it is essential to demonstrate that it is still an innovative company that can expand beyond its hugely successful franchise iPhone, which makes up most of its sales and profits.

So far, Apple Watch deliveries have required several days. The device timeouts, which costs between US $ 349 per sport version to $ 17,000 for a gold, now arrive until July. The market research firm Slice Intelligence said on Sunday estimated that only 22 percent of customers who requested advance the clock in the US have received since his unit was available. Apple has not shared their sales figures, and does not plan to those results independently in their quarterly financial reports. Still, some analysts believe that the company has sold about 2 million units of the Apple Watch in just two weeks of pre-orders, which began on April 10.

Cook said on Monday that Apple has been notifying customers about their delivery dates. Also, he said: “Sometime in late June, we anticipate now be in position to start selling the Apple Watch in most countries.” The device is currently available in only nine countries including USA and Australia.