5se iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Air: Apple surprises for March

The iPad Air 2 finally have a big brother and will be launched in mid-March

Apple prepares tablecloths, chairs, stage and, above all, the products announced during an expected mid-March and marks the beginning of many anticipated events of the giant Cupertino for this year event.

According to a recent report from 9to5Mac site, the event will be in the week of March 14, although there is talk that the chosen day is March 15. This same site, specializing in issues of Apple, has been commissioned to uncover all the secrets of the three products that will be at the event in the month of spring.

In addition to the three jewels of the event –iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 colors and new sports and body belts Watch Apple – Apple is expected to also give some news regarding operating systems for these three devices.

Much has been speculated about the arrival of a 4-inch phone Apple launch to appeal to users who still prefer devices that size.

According to the rumor mill, this smartphone will not only please the users of small hands, but also to change the Apple product line. With the introduction of the iPhone 5se, Apple will keep three intelligent for sale phones, but the thing is this: iPhone 5se for users looking for an affordable, entry iPhone, the iPhone 6S for users with more budget but do not want it latest of the latest, and the iPhone 7 for users who want the flagship phone of the year.

As for specifications, and begin to say formal figures. IPhone 5se keep the technical specifications sheet iPhone 6S, according to reports. This means that the 5se will support Apple Pay, thanks to the inclusion of an NFC sensor. Also, inside you will have a A9 processor and a coprocessor M9.

Despite its similarity to the 6S, the 5se not have the screen with pressure sensors to use 3D Touch. On the other hand, the iPhone 5se itself will feature Siri always attentive, that with a voice command – “Hey, Siri” almost forever– can turn to the virtual assistant and voice answer questions. The internal storage would 5se 16 and 64GB, 32GB version jumping without room for 128GB version.

Regarding design, it is known very little. While there are leaks that supposedly reveal what the design of the iPhone 5se, reliable site 9to5Mac not yet reveal details. The only thing the site has revealed is that the four corners of the device would be a little more curves. Unlike the iPhone 5C (2013)

Finally, the name.

This is not the first time that Apple uses the suffix “SE” for one of its products, although only industry veterans, who were devoted followers of the brand and journalists specializing in Apple, remember because it is a product of yesteryear .

In 1987, Apple launched the Macintosh SE (and later the SE FHD that difference was reading density diskettes). The computer used almost identical in design to the original, except for changes in color and some finishes Macintosh. In the end, the suffix used to say that it was a Macintosh Special Edition or Special Edition.

For iPhone 5se, it is more likely that Apple will do the same. In the end, the new 4-inch iPhone will be nothing more and nothing less than a special edition. Yes, it is rare to hear the final pronunciation.

Apple update only when iPad Air 2 at its March event

In the March event, Apple will settle outstanding accounts with fans tablet 9.7 inch apple logo. Since the event in October 2014, Apple has not updated the iPad Air. However, the company did announce changes to the 7.9-inch model with the launch of iPad mini 4 plus the addition of a new 12-inch model with the iPad Pro.

After waiting, the iPad Air 3 will go to care and be relevant.

According to the site DigiTimes, the new Apple tablet –the seventh generation Tablet 9.7 pulgadas– will display 4K, ie, four times the resolution of current iPad Air 2.

Other leaks indicate that the iPad Air 3 will have a front flash and four speakers, two above and two below, similar to the iPad Pro. Following functions taken from the giant tablet, said the iPad Air 3 will also have compatibility with the Apple pencil, stylus Apple so far is only compatible with the iPad Pro.

One of the latest leaks suggest that the iPad Air 3 will also have the Smart Connector iPad Pro. This means that a new generation of devices from Apple and third parties can connect to the new 9.7 inch tablet. This type of connector allows you to place a device without the need for cables, as the iPad and peripheral attach with magnets.

In the March event, the Apple Watch which went on sale in 2015 will be only one month of their first year on the shelves. Although Apple used to give a life of one year almost all products (except computers), apparently the Apple Watch 2 will save a little more for an event in September.

However, the Apple Watch will not be exempt from some cariƱitos in March. According to rumors, Apple will announce new smart watch straps. These new belts are designed for sport, so they will resemble those made of plastic and in different colors to be used during exercise sessions.

This is the second time that Apple adds new straps to your smart watch. In 2015, following the launch clock in April, Apple began selling new belts in other variants for sporting purposes. Apple also released a version of the Milanese black belt and threw a luxury strap together with the company of luxury clothing and accessories Hermes.

Rumors for the March event suggest that Apple will announce a new luxury strap Hermes hand, but there will also be new belts as collaboration with other luxury brands. Rumors do not reveal the names of these manufacturers, but it would not be unreasonable to think that Burberry is one of them, because the current executive at the forefront of online stores and physical Apple, Angela Ahrendts, served as executive chairman of the firm before joining the Cupertino company.

In addition to the new belts, there will be changes in the housing of Apple Watch, as rumors suggest that Apple will debut new materials and colors for the body clock. In 2015, Apple already added gold and traditional gold rose for the clock.

More news for Apple Watch will come from the hand of an upgrade, but that we describe in rows below.

In the March event, Apple will also have surprises software department.

The manufacturing company will launch iPhone iOS 9.3 as a major update to the mobile operating system. The update of two numbers will have several improvements, of which seven are noted for their importance and because they notice when the user upgrade the operating system.

The first is the new Night Shift that turns white and blue colors of the screen, in warm tones to rest up when the device is used at night. Another change is that the native Notes app now supports Touch ID, so users can protect their –dibujada there written information or grabada– and can only be unlocked with the use of biometric sensor.

Night mode will warm the screen colors

The News app will become more personal, because iOS 9.3 promises to show news and events in line with your interests. You will see more articles than the app thinks you want to read, in addition to suggestions of topics. The app will also receive updates as to their performance, so you can display news and videos faster in the feed.

Apple knows that the Health app is not highly acclaimed among users, so iOS 9.3 will make changes for the user to finally start using. Health show the lot of third-party apps in the App Store that are compatible with the application. Also, if you have an Apple Watch you can also see the movement of data collected from the application.

Carplay, it used to place the iOS interface on the display board some cars, also has improvements. Apple Music functions also are already on the board, in addition, Apple Maps now displays information from gas stations, restaurants and cafes.

IPads can be very powerful tools for teaching, and iOS 9.3. will receive a great deal of improvement classroom. For teachers, Classroom Apple launches an application to manage tasks that are assigned to students, teachers can also see which applications are using the students and can block or open applications on one or more iPad in the hands of students.

Finally, 3D Touch has new shortcuts in native apps Weather, Settings, Health, App Store and iTunes App Store.

As we advance a few lines above, the Apple Watch will change to level with software update to its operating system version 2.2 watchOS.

Apple has not described in great detail the developments we see in watchOS 2.2, but the beta version includes desarrolladores– –ya available for further integration of the Apple Maps app and Apple Watch. information near the location places is now displayed.

watchOS 2.2 also allow users to synchronize and use the same Apple Watch with several iPhones. To use this feature, the iPhone needs to have iOS version 9.3 installed. This means that both updates will at the same time, perhaps the same March 15 during the Apple event, or a few days later.

As always, this is just smoke surrounding an event still unconfirmed. Apple is likely to send invitations one or two weeks before the supposed date, so that from the first week of March is when I know if the event will occur –or not.

We will update this article frequently as emerging developments around the expected first event of 2016 Apple.