Apple Watch straps function as screen patent

Apple wants to expand the functions of the Apple Watch smart watch straps, according to a patent.

The Cupertino giant this week obtained a number of patents which stands Woven Display (woven screen), suggesting that Apple found a method for using smart watch straps as a second screen.

The patent was requested by Apple in May 2014 and was granted on December 3 this year, the site Patently Apple was the first to discover the register.

The patent says that the belts, through light transmissive, would show information

The patent description says Apple Watch straps include light transmitting fibers to display the screen. The screen shown in the watchband would be a peripheral input and output, ie, you could read and enter information.

While the patent does not specifically mention the Apple Watch as the device that would work, artwork documentation and the description of the patent show a clock and mention “clock” as compatible device. It is noteworthy that the clock in the patent is circular, not square with curved edges as the current Apple Watch.

Also, Apple describes this technology to place a screen in a bracelet or strap Apple Watch also be used with an iPad or Mac. In the case of these devices, the bracelet show notifications received on the Mac or iPad, when they are off or at rest.

It is unclear whether Apple plans to launch these bracelets hand of the second generation of Apple Watch, which is expected to make an appearance in the second half of 2016.

As the nature of these belts allows them to work with the Apple Watch and other Apple devices, there is also the possibility of appearing separately.

It is important to note that patents are not always signs of a product that the companies plan to launch in the near future. In many cases, companies use patents to protect products from their competitors.