Car driver injured Tesla was watching ‘Harry Potter’: report

The driver of the Tesla Model S could have been playing a movie while driving.

The crash of a vehicle was on the road on autopilot was released last week, although it occurred on May 7. It was a Tesla Model S, which is now known that the experienced driver might have broken some rules that led to death.

According to a Reuters report, Joshua Brown, 45, was carrying a portable DVD in the vehicle. Sergeant Kim Montes body patrol roads Florida (Florida Highway Patrol), confirmed to the news agency, while Frank Baressi, the driver of the truck into which the Model S crashed, said the driver ” Harry Potter was watching on a TV screen. ” Screens Tesla cars not play videos.

The agency also reported that a man who lives near the crash site claims to have heard the DVD to play until 15 minutes after the accident. Other witnesses say there was no music or other sounds out of the car, so there are several versions of the act. The source also pointed out that neither Florida or Ohio, where the driver lived Model S, have laws prohibiting see TV screens while driving.

The autopilot function Tesla requires the driver to keep hands on the wheel, otherwise the vehicle begins its gradual deceleration to a complete stop. However, sites like Engadget remember that there are several videos on the network in which the drivers of these cars manage to cheat the system and, in any case, the driver could be watching a movie even with hands on the wheel.

The accident investigation is ongoing. It is unknown whether the autopilot failed to see the truck or if there were other mechanical or human error that generated it. Tesla said in a statement quoted by Reuters that the white truck was not easy to distinguish for the cameras of your vehicle that could have confused thanks to the bright Florida sky.