Google is associated with IMAX cameras to develop virtual reality

Google and IMAX reached an agreement to develop cameras to record virtual reality content.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Google will collaborate with the company’s technology and video projection IMAX in the development of an optimized camera to record content virtual reality, as the technology giant announced Thursday.

The camera, which will be called IMAX VR, record video in 3D and 360 degrees. The announcement was made during the second day of the conference for developers Google I / O 2016 held in this city.

The IMAX camera will use the platform VR video editing 3D 360 degree created by Google, called Jump.

“The agreement with Google will take us to the next frontier of immersive experiences – virtual reality – and we are excited to work with them to provide our partners filmmakers and content creators capture a level of virtual reality never ever seen this space, “said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond, in a press release.

Besides the agreement with IMAX, the group vice president of virtual reality Google, Clay Bavor, announced that the company has reached an agreement with technology company Yi Technology to develop an action camera for consumers who would record 4K video and 3D 360 grades.

Bavor did not specify when these cameras are ready to record. IMAX said Google will provide exclusive access to their documentary to make it compatible with virtual reality content.

Google has already forged other partnerships for development of this class of cameras. In Google I / O 2015, Bavor announced collaboration with GoPro to build a team of cameras that are compatible with the software Jump.

Google is not the only venture into this segment. This week, Facebook, Oculus VR matrix, released her first video with your own camera 360 Surround.