Google works in other virtual reality glasses, and are not the Cardboard: report

Google Cardboard glasses soon no longer be the only attempt of the giant to enter the segment of virtual reality.

Can you imagine being able to have immersive experiences in virtual reality with a powerful device that does not use cables, a PC, a console or a mobile phone? Google thinks it is possible.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Google has plans to develop a virtual reality glasses that will compete directly with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pre, but with one big difference: they will not have a cable that connects to a computer or console. Your screen will not be a cell phone.

If they manage to create such a device would be the first to launch, or at least show, this kind of independent virtual reality glasses.

This news joins another leaked this week, saying that Google will improve your Google cardboard glasses Cardboard, plastic and making them better lenses and adding sensors.

With these two projects underway possibly, Alphabet subsidiary could be betting heavily on the future of virtual reality and wants a piece of the action. Last week, Alphabet became the most valuable technology company in the world surpassing Apple.

But Google has many rivals in this space. Facebook, Oculus VR matrix; Sony, with its PlayStation VR, HTC and even Samsung, working with Oculus on the development of VR Gear, and all have much more advanced projects. Meanwhile, the Oculus Rift already on presale for US $ 599, but they need to be a potent well enjoy PC.

Google can also add Apple to the fight, as the Cupertino giant is now stealing programmers to competition supposedly to also launch a virtual reality glasses.

To be successful with their independent glasses, Google requires processors that can perform high-quality graphics to a fast transmission. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will use chips of an entrepreneurial called Movidius, Inc.

Beyond that detail, it is unclear whether the content would be streamed from the cloud or would have to be downloaded to the device. It could also be a portable external hard drive, like glasses for viewing movies Royole-X presented at CES 2016. There is also no information on when it might be ready a prototype of these alleged Google glasses.

Google declined to comment.