Atari hardware manufacturing resumes, but it is not a new console

The recognized brand and classic Atari video games announced Tuesday that it will launch new hardware, but it is not a console.

This time, the Atari brand come as part of a new series of smart home devices.

Atari has not said exactly which devices will manufacture, but said it would be products from “very sophisticated” to “simple”. In addition, the company said that the first devices would be designed home, animals, safety and lifestyle.

These new devices arrive in partnership with Atari Sigfox, and bear the mark of Atari. Neither company revealed when presented the first device of this new series of Atari.

Tim Cook 5 milestones achieved in Apple

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, today, August 24, serving five years at the helm of the Cupertino giant, a position he inherited from Steve Jobs two months before he succumbed to cancer.

In the first months of his mandate, Cook was under constant scrutiny, largely because many put into question their ability to fill the shoes of Jobs as the greatest figure of a company that is so loved as hated.

In just five years, Cook has lived everything from a personal level, after publicly declared to be gay – and proud – to the professional, “killing” the iPod (a creation of Jobs) and giving the green light a new product category with the launch of Apple Watch.

But it touches the value of the company … what Apple has done Cook?

Below, we present the five most important milestones along this half-decade in which the largest chair has been occupied by Cook.

Five years ago, when Cook took over Apple, the iPhone maker had a market value of US $ 348.000 billion (in today’s figures), and the company grew to US $ 583.000 million in valuation today.

But that is not all. Thanks largely to the work of Cook, the Cupertino giant reached a record high valuation on 25 November 2014, reaching US $ 700,000 million, a record that earned him to overtake other companies in different industries, including Exxon oil company, which today has a valuation of US $ 363.000 million.

Apple broke the roof of records with these valuation unprecedented numbers, but the company has already Cook another milestone in its future: be the first US company to reach a valuation of US $ 1 trillion.

Tim Cook, during the first day of sales iPhone 5S in a shop in Palo Alto.

Although Apple has not the thousands of device models that exist in the Android ecosystem, (Apple currently has only three models of the iPhone – with its variants – on sale), the Cupertino giant under the command Cook reached 1,000 million phones sold in the nine-year life of the line.

Those are a lot of iPhone sold in the nine years of its existence. And that figure yet to take into account the units expected Apple to sell this year on the iPhone 7. It is also expected a great dawns in phone sales in 2017, because the iPhone is 10 years old and a super iPhone is forecast with which Apple disperse the house through the window.

It is also true that 2016 has not been a great year for Apple, because their sales are down worldwide, especially in China, where the manufacturer had a respite thanks to the iPhone which sold relatively well in that country.

But for a company that can recover the course (as was done with Jobs and the iPod), the drop in sales of the iPhone is just a bump of the company probably will in the next quarter thanks to your new phone.

When the iPad made its debut in 2010, it was a resounding success. However, since Cook is leading the company’s portfolio of tablets the company has increased in size and models, but sales dropped. Apple currently has three iPad models: iPad mini, iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The “Air” line was discontinued in favor of the Pro line.

Despite having more models available, Apple tablets are no longer sold as before. In the second fiscal quarter (ended in April), Apple reported selling 10.3 million units of tablets, a considerable drop against the 12.6 million it sold in the same period of 2015. And the decline has been steady in previous quarters.

As if this were not enough, the iPad infected his younger brother, the iPhone.

In late July this year, Apple’s sales fell 15 percent from 2015, the second consecutive quarter that Apple recorded a drop in iPhone sales since its launch in 2007.

Among the reasons for this decline is the growing competition from other brands and contraction of the Chinese economy, one of the largest markets for the cellular industry. Recall that 66 percent of Apple’s revenue comes from outside the US, according to the Cook itself.

Another strategy was initiated in Jobs but consolidated at the time of Cook is the commercial spaces.

In 2013, Cook hired Angela Ahrendts, an executive who came from the luxury house Burberry to rethink the experience in Apple stores and its expansion strategy.

Before hiring Ahrendts, Cook John Browett had entrusted the task of leading their efforts in retail, although hiring Browett was “a mistake,” said Cook said in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

Unlike Browett, the appointment of Ahrendts proved to be a wise decision. The executive has managed to bring Apple to be a retail company with a new face, the most recent example of this is that physical stores of Apple left the suffix “Store” to be just “Apple”, a change that began this month.

The company also continues to open stores. Asia, and China in particular has been an important area to continue the expansion of Apple stores. Since the death of Jobs, Cupertino giant has opened 479 stores in 19 countries and already has a few in Latin America, specifically in Brazil. Apple is also expected to open its first store in Mexico, according to Cook left to see in his Twitter account.

Despite the setbacks, nothing has prevented Apple to become one of the companies that has raised more money in history. In the last quarter of 2015, the company Cook reached a record US $ 18.400 million in revenue, the largest number reported by a corporation in this period.

Also, according to MacRumors, the leader of the best valued company in the world receive a bonus of US $ 100 million to get to within five years at the helm of the company. According to that report, the bonus is a result of the performance of the company and as part of Apple shares under the command of Cook.

Five years nothing bad and a not insignificant for an executive who describes his work as “a lonely job” bonus.

Despite its successes, Cook still looking for ways to renew the company, without losing its way.

Apple continues to explore, for example, how to improve their current and most popular products, specifically the iPhone (which represents most of the revenue for the company), iPad, Apple Watch and portable and desktop computers, but while the company analyzes its foray into other explored and by their opponents, such as virtual reality or autonomous electrical and auto markets.

Several reports and even Cook own statements suggest that Apple is developing related to virtual and augmented reality, a long-lived market but recently revived again with the participation of giants like HTC, Facebook, Google and Microsoft products. By 2018, this market is expected to reach a value of US $ 5.200 billion, and Apple will want their cut.

The autonomous car project is perhaps Apple plan long term, but one of the most promising. By 2020, it is expected that the electric vehicle market reaches a value of US $ 100.000 million. In the same year, or perhaps in 2021, it is believed that Apple’s first vehicle hit the streets.

The issue of health is also a market that Apple’s competitors are not addressing as much as it is doing the Apple Cook. In addition to services such as ResearchKit, HealthKit and CareKit, Apple is reportedly working on a new device that would fulfill actions similar to an electrocardiogram, which would appear in public next year.

Health, virtual reality and autonomous or electric under fire from Apple cars to continue renewing itself, what will you help Tim Cook to position Apple as a company a billion (yes, billion) dollars?

Five things that Electronic Arts made to return to the play

Electronic Arts, one of the largest video game makers in the world, has been working for the last to improve the company after being voted the worst company in America for two consecutive years.

The video game fans have expressed that they do not like the way EA works: lack of new or innovative games, charge for extras and ignore the feedback from users about the stories of the games.

That forced EA to undertake a major corrective measures that a company can take: change the corporate culture. That work was the responsibility of Andrew Wilson, who took over as CEO in 2013. “In our pure essence we are a very good company made up of good people,” he said. The problem was that the world did not think so. Wilson thinks he knows why: “We were not thinking about what we were doing in the context of the player’s experience.”

Here we list some ways in which Wilson changed things to win back consumer confidence