Android Auto: Features and analysis. New system for automobiles, trucks and cars

It is clear that Google wants to bring Android everywhere, not just smart watches (like the LG G Watch or the Motorola Moto 360), televisions and TV boxes (with Android TV), but also to cars, not they could be left behind.

During Google I / O, Google announced Android Auto, the new platform for cars that seeks to integrate your phone with Android car dashboard to provide many of the features you already enjoy on your mobile device, but so as to limit distractions while driving while you get the information you want and need.

To convert your phone into the computer center of the car, you need to connect the mobile device to the vehicle with a USB cable or via Bluetooth.

Google said the first car with Android Auto will arrive later this year, but most will be here in 2015. Some of the brands that will integrate Android Auto in their new models are Honda, Audi, Renault, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Mazda and Kia.

Android Auto interface keeps the same familiar design of Android and Google different services, but simplified to provide larger text and a slightly more graphical interface. All this is mainly to ensure that the driver is not distracted when driving.

Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, Android Auto can be controlled from the touch screen panel, from the steering wheel controls or other controls integrated into the vehicle. Likewise, the sound function through the sound system installed in the car.

It also integrates Google voice recognition to allow the user does not always have to press buttons, move controls or the touch screen panel of the vehicle. This means that you can ask directions, answer text messages, search for places you want to go or to know more information, among many other things.

At the bottom is a bar with five icons representing the five sections of Android Auto: Navigation, Communications, Overview, Media and Applications.

The Home screen Google Android Auto Auto is now called Android Overview. There are a number of similar to Google Now cards. For example, it shows you the time you would take to get to your house, contacts you call most often or music you play now.

You can also view information about your cell signal, battery and time. And you find a microphone to enable voice search, even if you have a dedicated steering wheel of the car will be much easier to turn those voice commands from there button. The icon representing the Home screen is in the middle of the bottom bar of the Android interface Auto.

Google Maps navigation is probably one of the functions that we use in our cell phone while driving, and now we can use directly on the dashboard of a car.

By activating the voice command you can search for nearby stores and addresses. If you use other applications while you have active navigation, you will get a bar at the top whenever you cross or perform a maneuver. Such notifications are just one of the new Android L. course, also come with sound notifications through your car’s speakers.

The connected cell phone determines the location, in the same way that Android Auto currently uses data including your phone plan and transmits it to the screen of the car.

If for some reason your phone has no signal, navigation shall continue to operate “for a time” thanks to the cache that Google Maps on your phone automatically. Indicative of signal strength, battery level, time and microphone also appear when you are on Google Maps.

Telephony section shows you on top of your favorite contacts or you contact most often, in a format similar to Google Now cards and other Google services. From there you can make calls, but you can also activate voice commands to tell Android Auto you want to mark a phone number or to one of your contact.

Android Auto will read aloud text messages that you receive to also respond with dictation. To avoid distractions, the message text will not appear on the screen.

The integration of music is another key aspect Android Auto. The platform offers playing music through Google Music by default, but you can also use Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Pandora and other services. The interface of these services is very similar, because Google has templates for different applications available to developers looking to offer a very similar experience.

You may ask Android Auto to start playing a song with voice commands, but you can also use the touch screen (if the car has one) or vehicle controls.

Currently, Android Auto has applications like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Radio Sticker, Umano, Songza and Pocket Casts. Google will soon enable the SDK for developers to optimize their applications to run on Android Auto or develop new applications specific to certain models of vehicles or for this version of Android.

Moreover, it seems that automakers may also have some control over applications that are approved for use within their vehicle models.

It is clear that this is only the beginning of this platform and there will be few applications for Android Auto yet. However, note that the first vehicles with this system come until later this year, which will give developers time to increase the number of apps available today.

Android Auto represents another category that large technology companies are exploring, very similar to what Apple announced recently with carplay.

During the time I spent with Android Auto, everything worked very fluid. The menus quickly responded, maps are properly opened and the music sounded great on the Audi sound system test and it was easy to control. Similarly, the interface seems to go in the right direction, thanks to its simplified, graphic and colorful design.

Google Maps I think one of the most striking features of Android Auto. It looks great, is suitable for use and will be very useful for many people.

Toca wait to come to the market the first car models with Android Auto to see how much interest generated among developers and why so many Google applications approved and manufacturers.

iPhone 7: Everything we know so far Apple’s flagship phone of 2016

Nougat Android 7.0 brings improvements in the design and intelligent functions [first impression]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [analysis]: An almost perfect curved cell

The new eReader Kobo Aura One has 4 things that do not have the Kindle

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more information.

Two Atari video games of the 80s will be adapted into films

Who wants to bet that we’ll see Tom Cruise in the film adaptation of ‘Missile Command’?

Video games can often become movie magic with a great cast and a stellar script.

Just look at the movie franchise Resident Evil or movies with Lara Croft Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie (who will now be the subject of a reboot with actress Alicia Vikander).

Now it seems that the classic Atari Centipede and Missile Command arcade games will be turned into movies.

According to the website Deadline, the Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films production company has just signed an agreement to produce two films based on these video games 80s.

The game Centipede focuses mainly on deadly shooting centipedes, spiders, scorpions and fleas through a field of mushrooms.

Missile Command game puts the player to protect six cities –Eureka California, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego smart bombs, bombers and missiles launched by satellites.

It will be interesting to see how relatively basic games (vector graphics) will result in live-action films with actors, sets and special effects.

Although directors, screenwriters and actors from the two films have not yet been announced, that does not mean fans can not begin to build from and your wish list of what they want to see in Centipede and Missile Command. Who would you like to see as protagonists of both films?

Developer Kit throws 7 without testing iPhone headphone port

The Lightning port will help developers to create new headsets for iPhone and iPad.

Specialized electronics company Cirrus Logic has released a new developer kit for Apple peripheral devices. This time it is one that will allow build from scratch headphones Lightning, which has raised alarms about the possibility that the iPhone 7 does not incorporate Jack 3.5 port again.

The rumor that the next iPhone could include wireless headphones – which also could be designed by Beats – have time in the air, but others say that the company would incorporate a technology with Lightning.

For sites like Apple Insider, this new kit for developers to build from scratch and hearing aids natively with Lightning port are further evidence of what is to come.

According to the source, the development kit will create compatible headphones with the iPhone and also also have hands-free function, to be able to use the microphone. Cirrus Logic received approval from Apple, which allows the instruction packet is registered in the Made for i-device program, which also are discharged all devices are reviewed and accepted by the company.

Apple Insider most likely prefer Apple to incorporate into the box next iPhone headphones Lightning, although this could be a problem, because users could not load the device and listen to music at the same time.

IPhone Rumors 7 Unlike other editions are a sea of ​​contradictions. Some reports say it will be identical to the iPhone 6S while others say even that will not change much Start button. Apple not surprisingly neither confirms nor denies these rumors.

Amazon continues its fight against fake recommendations sites

Amazon began his legal battle against alleged false analysis last year.

For those seeking first-time novelists excel heap, the Web site offers a package of 100 book reviews on Amazon for just US $ 2.200.

That website was among five Web sites that Amazon sued Friday in a Washington state court, a measure that is part of a year-long campaign to end networks fake reviews on your site.

The company has filed three separate lawsuits since last April, targeting more than 1,000 suspected collaborators false. Several Web sites that Amazon has sued have already closed their doors. A spokeswoman for Amazon said Monday that the demands have helped the company to obtain information to prosecute individuals not directly involved in the lawsuits, which results in Amazon ban some vendors and partners.

We will continue presenting legal action against the root causes abuse comments – sellers and manufacturers who create the demand for critical fraudulent, “the spokeswoman said in a written statement,” as well as the ecosystem of individuals and organizations provide opinions and reviews fraudulent “.

Amazon has a strong interest in ensuring that its millions of customers trust their system 5-star ratings, especially because these criticisms allow buyers to know how good – or bad – are the products before making their purchases on line. While Amazon has said repeatedly that only a small fraction of the opinions that appear there are false and uses strict controls to close many of them, the company can still be found in an endless battle fighting criticism paid Web sites closes as soon arise other.

Amazon in April introduced its first formal lawsuit against false collaborators, being the first time that it has taken legal action against the practice. Then in October, she filed another lawsuit, this time focused on more than 1,000 registered on the website Fiverr sellers, which allows people to sell services jobs and US $ 5 or more.

In the lawsuit Friday, Amazon sued the California resident, Jane John-Nwankwo, who owns and resident of New York, Chris Embry, the alleged chief executive Amazon also sued operators, and, but Amazon could not identify the owners of these latter sites. seemed to have closed operations, but is registered under the name of Embry. He did not respond to a call for comment. not immediately respond to an email for comment.

None of these sites seem to offer services in Spanish

Google: Walk (virtually) the streets of Rio de Janeiro

Google launches display in Web app that gives users access to many cultural sites in Rio de Janeiro portal.

Many travel to the Olympics not only for parties and events, but also to meet the host cities. If you are someone who can not travel to Rio de Janeiro, Google offers a way to be a virtual tourist.

The technology giant Google launched Friday app for culture and art, and its Web site, an online exhibition with collections of images of the most recognized and visited in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil museums and emblematic. Through the collection, users can explore some 3,000 images and 360 degree tours take the carioca city.

Those interested in learning a little more about the Brazilian city can visit virtually through the Web or the app on iOS or Android.

In addition, Google shared that Google Maps already has some 10,000 businesses in 26 favelas. The aim is to give more recognition to these residents online for most tourists know their histories, cultures and people.

debris accumulated in six decades eats the Earth in a minute [video]

If somehow you could be launched into space before October 4, 1957 and were to look back to Earth, you could have seen that it was a planet surrounded by nothing but the vast outer space (and, well, the magic capsule where you would be you). If you take a leap in time to the present, and that look toward our planet from space it is very different. Since the Russian satellite Sputnik was launched into orbit that October day 58 years ago, we sent thousands of other objects fly around the orbit of our planet, resulting in a storm of space debris around the Earth and that each time grows.

A video recently posted on YouTube, Stuart Grey, a professor at University College London, shows in an impressive minute, so dramatically as we have polluted the space around the earth over the past six decades. Grey used data from, a group that monitors space debris, to build your model.

According to the Orbital Debris Program at NASA, there are currently more than 21,000 pieces of space debris that are larger than 10 cm. (About 3.9 inches) floating around our planet. In the diameter range 1 to 10 cm. (0.4 to 4 inches), there are about 500,000 pieces while debris measuring less than one centimeter over 100 million. And if you think that these tiny particles are not cause for concern, think again. The particles can travel at speeds up to 17.500 miles per hour (about 28.163 kilometers per hour), making them a real danger.

Even small flecks of paint can damage a ship when traveling at these speeds, “says NASA.” In fact, a number of windows of space shuttles have been replaced due to damage caused by material that has been tested and has proved flecks of paint. ”

Space debris is becoming so common that crew members aboard the International Space Station had to seek emergency shelter in the outer capsule Soyuz in July, after a piece of space debris appeared to be part of the remains an old Russian satellite approached them at about 35,000 miles per hour (about 56, 327 kilometers per hour).

They have suggested several ways to clean up space debris – including a satellite type Pac-Man, networks and lasers – but none has been launched yet.

Gael Garcia Bernal is El Zorro in a new movie

García Bernal and worked with Jonas Cuaron in ‘Desert’.

The interest in the stories of El Zorro does not diminish with the passing years. Twentieth Century Fox announced today that it will produce a new version with Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal in the lead role.

The film – whose working title is Z – will be written and directed by Jonas Cuaron, Gravity writer, Oscar-winning film in 2014 directed by his father, Alfonso.

The story is set in the future, in a post apocalyptic environment. According to The Hollywood Reporter review, García Bernal has been linked to this reboot for years, since the project was developed by director Bryan Singer (X-Men: Apocalypse) under the original title of Zorro Reborn.

Fox was originally a hero of pulp novels, which originally appeared in 1919. This character double identity – the honorable and peaceful Diego de la Vega is a masked fighting against colonial injustice in California vigilante – it has fascinated Hollywood almost a century ago.

Actors like Douglas Fairbanks, Tyrone Power, Guy Williams and Antonio Banderas, among others, have embodied the character in film and television. All these films respect the original context of the stories, set in the nineteenth century California ruled by the Spanish Crown.

Fox remains a popular character in comics.

In the case of Z, Zorro will remain a masked hero but faced villains in the near future. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the film will start shooting in the autumn, at Pinewood Studios in the Dominican Republic.

2016 has been a stellar year for Garcia Bernal. On January 10 Mexican actor won the Golden Globe for best leading performer of TV series Mozart in the Jungle, a role he repeated in the third season of the program.

In addition, Garcia Bernal stars in the film Desert – which will premiere later this year in the US – On the drama of illegal immigration to the United States, which was directed by Jonas Cuaron, for whom he will work again now in Z.

A tour of the Abbey Road recording studios

When I went to London recently, I had the opportunity to visit the factory of the company B & W speaker. I also asked if I would like to take a tour of the Abbey Road recording studios. Oh yes !, I replied.

And yes, I did. And it was amazing and took many pictures.

Abbey Road is perhaps the study of world’s most famous recording. around artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Adele, Queen, Oasis, Radiohead have passed, and many more of the greats of the XX and XXI centuries. The pedestrian to cross the street junction adjacent to the study, was immortalized by Iain Macmillan who used it for the album cover of The Beatles, Abbey Road, which the study took its name.

What is surprising, perhaps, is that for a building with a musical story so incredible, does not seem so from the outside. In fact, it seems a simple house, of course, that was originally.

The interior is spacious and the building occupies almost the whole lot. There is one of the largest recording studios in the world, Studio One, next to the also famous Two Studio (where the Beatles recorded most of their catalog). there is also the smallest studio but not least, Study Three (recording site Pink Floyd album “The Dark Side of the Moon” and others).

There are many corridors, stairs and small rooms. In many of these areas the magic was present and artists went beyond the boundaries of what is technically possible at the time, to move to the magnetic recording tape, which created their minds.

Check out the photo gallery to see the full tour.

My thanks to B & W for making this possible and to David Allen for being an excellent guide.

This painting kills bugs, bacteria and disinfects the walls

Microbicidal paint, a new weapon in the fight Against germs.

The walls of hospitals could soon become solid structures against germs.

Yes, it sounds like something out of science fiction, but the paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield is launching a “microbicide” paint that kills bacteria that cause infections. The company says it is the first microbicide painting to be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, for its acronym in English).

The enemies of germs they may request that the painting comes to their homes, but in reality it is designed more for industrial applications in hospitals, sports facilities, schools and cruise ships. The US giant Sherwin-Williams, which distributes internationally, announced the new paint on October 28, but said it will be available in stores in early 2016.

According to Sherwin-Williams paint kill “more than 99.9 percent of staph (Staphylococcus aureus), MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus), e. Coli (Escherichia coli), VRE (Enterococcus faecalis resistant to vancomycin) and Enterobacter aerogenes after two hours of exposure. ” Also it inhibits the growth of common microbes.

Sherwin-Williams developed interior latex paint together with scientists and microbiologists specialized coatings. It will be available in 590 colors, although hospitals are not always known for their avant-garde paintings schemes.

A study released by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2014 collected information from 2011 of 183 US hospitals This study found that 1 in 25 patients were infected with an infection while in hospital. The most common types of infections were pneumonia, and gastrointestinal surgeries related infections.

This intelligent painting comes with a number of precautions as this may cause eye irritation and makes clear that should be kept away from contact with eyes, skin and clothing. According to the registration of the paint to EPA, this uses benzyl alkyl dimethyl ammonium chloride as active ingredient. This material is also found in some industrial products including disinfectants, cleaners and mouthwashes.

This is not the only advance against bacteria. Recall that the company Corning antimicrobial presented a version of its Gorilla glass this year with a new product that should be used in dispensing cash machines (ATM). Also, some boys invented a door handle germ-proof to reduce contagion factor in and out of a bath.

The painting does not represent an instant kill microbes. There is still a window of two hours to worry, but Sherwin-Williams hopes his invention will play an important role in reducing infections within hospitals.

Y Combinator invest in the construction of new smart cities

Public and private sectors want to build cities connected in the future.

In the history of humanity they have built large cities with the intention of creating a utopia. The business accelerator Y Combinator wants to try again.

The unit nonprofit Accelerator for startups announced the launch of a research laboratory to design the best possible city within existing laws. The project will have an investment of US $ 100 million, according to Bloomberg News reported.

The world is full of people who are not reaching their potential, largely because their cities do not offer opportunities and living conditions necessary for success, “wrote Adora Cheung, a partner at Y Combinator, in a blog post . “One way to improve our world is to release the enormous potential building better cities”.

Cheung says that cities of the future will not have the same limitations as those of yesteryear. For example, some cities had to be located near water, for example, or near mountains trade issues because their revenue came from the mines. Now, he said, the technology facilitates interaction and trade between people via the Internet, consumption – and save energy – smart grids and transportation, autonomous vehicles like trucks.

In addition, Cheung said, it is important that cities of the future are affordable, because if they are not, the cost would hit services offered by municipalities. Many activists in the Bay Area have blamed Airbnb – a company funded by Y Combinator – and other technology companies for the high cost of living in Silicon Valley.

However, Cheung said that these new smart cities will be for all kinds of people, whether technologists or ordinary people.

This city, or cities, not appear out of nowhere. Cheung this year seeks to employ expert researchers in architecture, ecology, economy, politics, technology and urban planning, among other areas. The deadline for submitting an application is 30 July 2016. Cheung told Bloomberg News that he has in mind some locations to create these new cities, but gave no specific details about them.