Those who ‘selfies’ are believed become more handsome: study

I’m pretty, but I will be more after this ‘selfie’.

It is undeniable that some people seem to love it to take pictures of selfie type. The question is perhaps if those who do they think a little more attractive than they really are.

A group of researchers at the University of Toronto has wanted to investigate.

When you make a selfie you can control the environment in which they take, but also the result. If you do not like it, delete it.

The researchers recruited a group of university students. One hundred of these students recognized themselves be photographed often. While 98 said they rarely selfies were made.

After that type selfie pictures were made, and also photos taken by objective researchers. The people who took selfies had to judge its own appeal if the photos were to get on social networks.

He also recruited 178 online independent people, who had to judge which suggested more photos narcissism.

Even those who rarely made selfies they saw themselves more attractive than did the independent observers. However, students who usually take selfies not only overestimated their beauty, they also insisted that the photos had done themselves showed them with the utmost beauty.

Independent observers disagreed. They thought the photos they showed made subjects more attractive than any selfies. They also felt that the selfies made by people who regularly use this format showed more narcissism than selfies of those who do rarely or never.

“We saw that people selfies are made usually perceived themselves more attractive in their own selfies than the pictures made by other people. But not selfies are taken regularly assessed the photos similarly,” said the researchers.

They also theorize that that selfies are made are usually good in doing so. So often they look better in the pictures taken.

It is a vicious circle. selfies few more you get, the more attractive you think you are. The more attractive you think you are, the more I like you just getting on Facebook.