Using block ads in apps for iOS 9

Blockers are a hot topic content. If you are not familiar with the topic, this is the crux of the matter: Apple now allows developers to create apps that can block ads, among other things, the mobile version of Safari.

Blockers can also block content, images, fonts, ad tracking tools and videos that arise while you are browsing Safari. a robust blockers number of apps in the App Store content already exists, and many more are coming.

The advantages of content blockers also clear, clean interface of Web sites you visit are several. When ads and tracking tools are no longer loaded when you visit a site, the pages load faster and use less data in the process.

The first thing you have to do is select which app to use. Crystal only blocks ads – it’s very simple. Blockr blocks ads and offers the ability to block images and videos. Both applications cost $ 099.

Beyond the differences in functionality, each application depends on a database server and ad sites to block content. So, although it seems that all my blockers are created in the same way, this is not the case. So it is advisable to select the app that works best for your needs and Web sites you frequent.

After downloading a content blocker, you must enable it. Initializes the Settings app (Settings) on iOS, give a touch Safari and then Content Blockers. Slide the switch located next to the block you want to enable the on position (On). Press the start button on your device and return to the home screen, where you have to find the app and initialize.

Some apps have simple switches with options on and off, while others offer more control (such as allowing the ads are loaded in certain places). Adjust settings according to your preferences, close the app and initializes Safari.

Ads and any supplemental content that the app is able to block and should not be displayed while browsing the Web through Safari. However, by blocking the content, there will be times when this function can affect to fully load a page or that the site is not completely loaded.

Instead of having to repeat the steps detailed above to disable the blocking content, you can press and hold the refresh icon in the address bar. It will emerge a notification that lets you refresh the page with all my blockers disabled.